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All nodes (whether they're dedicated to a single subnet or not) are connected as they still have to validate the main chain (Avalanche), because of this, a rogue node would then affect the entire chain, this is why it isn't possible for you to spoof transactions even if you own all the nodes in your own subnet as the consensus itself won't allow it (since you're still validating the main chain, picrel might help understand this).

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>the average wagie does not know or care and will still buy ETH.
you still dont get it?

Avalanche Subnets are fully customizable and large funds like KKR or large corporations like Alibaba/Mastercard etc. but also the japanese guys that own the rights to make Naruto videogames will run their own Validators for their own Blockchains and endless usecases.
Thats means they have to stake 2000 AVAX per Validator, staking Ratio is already at 60+ %.
AVAX is also hardcapped and deflationary. do the math.

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>no one cares
Actually everyone cares. John Wu is currently onboarding trillion dollar industries into Avalanche.

>all you can build is defi scams
A Subnet manages its own membership, it can create its own token economics and rules, and may require that its constituent validators have certain properties.
Subnets can have their own token economics with their own native tokens and fee markets. They can launch their own blockchains with customized virtual machines.
Avalanche VMs (AVMs) make it easy to define a blockchain-based decentralized application. Rather than new, limited languages like Solidity, developers can write VMs in Go, Rust (other languages will be supported in the future).

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