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are we seriously going to pretend that crypto isn't a scam?

you do realize that all of crypto exchanges hold your private keys right and at any point in time they want they can close their services stealing millions of your hard worked earnings. right? remember what happened a few years ago?
why is that currency exchanges require you to show your ID nowadays when the whole point of bitcoin was to develop something "revolutionary"
and-or pseudo-anonymous and just what kind of consequences does that bear for the average user? doesn't it ring a bell that the IRS wants to profile you and crypto exchanging services are the perfect ploy for that? any sort of tax evasion and or basically anything that you want to hide in the blockchain can be easily traced back to you.
ever noticed how pyramid schemes work? think of it logically, anything in crypto that involves mining, pools and hashrates can be 1-on-1 replaced with other pyramidscheme / mlm buzzwords except instead of people your computers and computational power are getting leeched. for every block that you mine, a percentage goes to the distributor - what do you get??? (1/2)

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Also this pseudtastic corpshit has no right to appropriate the name of a fundamental physical constant

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I had 80 bitcoins in 2013.

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Some rich assholes bought out my apartment complex. They are raising everyone's rent by over $200 a month. Currently paying $620 for a studio. This is going to be economically painful. On the bright side, the owners are from Scottsdale, Arizona so I will be helping to fund their lavish lifestyle. So it's good for them.

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Absolute smoothbrain. This is largely energy/agro/military spending, red states would be fine sans the feds, blue states would just pay more for the subsidized products

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Problem solved. That's the last we'll be hearing of high gas prices.

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>money supply up
>prices up
>"N-no! That isn't inflation, b-because it just isn't, ok?!?“

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>gold is worthless
>you can't stack gold AND canned food
>the opportunity cost of gold is that you have to give up all practical skills, tools, guns, and land
>one can of baked beans will trade for 1 ounce of gold
>gold is worthless
>also me and my prepper buddies will risk our lives in a raid to steal it from you

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>bro just go to college its a great use of your time

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>hey kids I know we don't have anything to eat for dinner but bitcoin is looking hella cheap right

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Can’t all of you...just get a job?

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>it’s mathematically impossible to go lower

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HAHAHAHAHA! A fucking cheeto!!!!!!!!!! LMAO

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>It's another "Euro and yen collapse, spiking the DXY and 10 year" episode
Can we just skip ahead to Plaza Accord 2?

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who cares
he certainly "achieved" a lot by setting computers back two decades
good shit thanks billy boy

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You're just reposting the same screenshots over and over

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>It's another "anon forgets to check the contract month on his broker" episode

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>Pumps 0.1%
>Why are we going up?

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Why is it going up? Why the volume? Was there news?

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>Crypto is killed!
You guys really are all reddit nigger faggots, aren't you?

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This doesn't mean shit. If futures meant something people would actually have an easier time making money because "oh futures are pumping, must be a green day tomorrow"...

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Wow /biz/ apparently has no idea how to answer this question. You're all retarded.

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I just bought back in after selling over a year ago. It was nice - I got bored, I started reading again, I started learning how to draw, I had to find stuff to do to fill my days.
Now I'm right back to checking charts every hour, wavering between anticipation and anxiety. I missed this for awhile after selling but now I fucking hate it. This is corrosive to the soul. These lines on a chart make everything else seem small and irrelevant in comparison. Even if I set aside a window of time and successfully avoid checking charts for the whole thing, I just waste my time on mindless shit feeling complacent until I can check again.

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