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I'm sorry fren
please take some time for yourself

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Are we early? Should I just take the x2?
I'm really unsure

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Calc 2 or discrete structures, somewhere around 50k.
This isn't a larp.

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Same but I graduated in 2014 with a comp-sci bachelors.

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i miss the linkboard days...

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300x from last year
lose 1%, wanna kms
wtf is wrong with me?

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What if all the oldfags are in prison after they tried to cash out

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>tfw read about XOR in May and didn't buy that shit

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Since I missed out on comfy GRT gains here is my strategy for entry:

-Bought a lunch money stack at $1 worth less than 1k GRT
-FOMO'd 10% of portfolio around $2.33-2.7
-use 5% of portfolio to buy if it dips below $2.5 (done)
-use 10% below $2
-use 20-25% below $1.8
-use 50% below $1.5
-go all in below $1


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>minus degrees and snow outside
>very cold inside
>dont want to use the heater because it costs money and I need that money for AVAX
>just wear 3 pants and several shirts and 5 socks and wrapped in 2 blankets

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Took me a sec, thought the boomer made a goatse joke.
Don't forget, you're here forever...

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>it's already dumping again to $1

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I sold GRT for this

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I have over 10k AVAX right now

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I normally buy a little silver and gold at the beginning of each month, but now I see there is some "we did it reddit" short squeeze thing going around. is that legit beginning to happen? i couldn't find anything on wall street bets except for some thread from days ago, did they forget about it?

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>the only thing pumping is the little ETH I have for gas fees

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I had plans to buy a house in the next 3-4 months and had planned this since last year considering the price range and my saving. Since it would be my first home I was planning not to go beyond $600k. I was happy for few of my selected regions I was getting a decent sized semi detached house in my area till Sept 2020. Who knows what happened who got such money in the market that today the prices have gone up by 30 percent for all households. Townhouses are now out of reach they are being sold for $800k plus.

What do you guys think, is the market still going to go up, be stable or crash. I am really scared and skeptical in investing my long time savings.

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was i-it... it wasn't really a scam, right?

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>I live in Wash state in the USA. We have locals that can't buy homes because Chinese and Indians are outbidding them and driving market prices up to ridiculous levels. Remove foreign buyers and homes would be cheaper and easier to acquire.
This is such an easy problem to fix, especially when foreigners start buying investment properties. Have the government tax them extra and direct those funds to help out American citizens, especially first time home buyers. Why are our politicians so ignorant?

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you're right anon, looking at the long and illustrious history of this coin, i can see by comparing it to past trends, that i did in fact make an obvious mistake.
kms now

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>joggers move in apartment above me
>one week later water starts dripping through my ceiling
I guess it's just a coincidence.. I think we're all feeling the pain of the perpetual housing bubble right now if prices were reasonable I wouldn't still be rent cucking.. Biz will liberate me from renting soon enough.

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>not counting them

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only 11 eth, didn't had time to accumulate

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Paying $1700/month in rent for a full detached house. House is now on the market and we’re nervous. Trying to pull together financing to make an offer to buy but feels like a long shot. We are on a month to month lease. Can anyone give me a sense of what our options will be if the new owner wants us out?

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