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set stop losses and buckle up, you fagola.
we're going in hard.

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>I bow to Satoshi and the Bitcoin Gods

I bow to no one, Satoshi gave the tools to cut our chains and i will personally cut mine.

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Not me, because I'm a BULLCHAD who drives a Ferrari, and I slept with Bobo's sister last night.

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>> Reddit cofounder and longtime r/technology moderator Alexis Ohanian (kn0thing) has stepped down as moderator of Reddit's largest technology forum after reports surfaced that fellow moderators had installed a bot to censor headlines containing dozens of words, including “Bitcoin,” "NSA," and "net neutrality."

Kek glowies confirmed for anti proof of work shills





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lmao we are in a total global deflation and bitcoin is comfy as fuck , hashrate is increasing after halving , no dump due to shit like the dao hack in 2016 , and fiat supply is increasing non stop around the world , while crypto supply is decreasing.

We are going to the moon

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Are you okay, Bobo? Are you okay? This party is just getting started. $10K tomorrow.

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fuck your indecisiveness.
day of the pot soon.

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32 hours at this price will cause the crab to make impact with the great line of the bull, and once again the crab will receive death.
There's no reason to expect instant parabolic gains, the bull is long and slow for now, but when push comes to shove, a tiny crustacean can't stop a raging bull.

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Yes, BIG DICK bullchads are buying from weak hands.

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Nice knife

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Hello again; we're constantly trying to branch out the ways you can purchase/trade Statera. Today we're happy to announce that we've received confirmation that Statera is now available for trading on Bamboo Relay!

The benefits of using Bamboo Relay include a live order-book, candle-stick charts and more arbitrage opportunities for 'Sthanos'. You can trade STA on Bamboo Relay here:


Thanks guys!


An updated QRD on Statera and its uses

>So, we know you’ve all been patiently waiting for something to come from us.
We’ve been working hard over the past few days and we’re really excited to announce that Statera is now trading on Saturn Network, which means you no longer have to worry about slippage and liquidity issues. Currently they are working on getting our official information audited and listed on their exchange, however, you can still trade Statera through this link:


STA is listed on a new exchange that utilizes something called a "Ring Trade". This trades assets across a liquidity pool as opposed to selling each slice in chunks.
Yes, this means the audit is complete, yes this means that Kyberswap is a qualifier for upcoming listings.

>We are now able to be traded through the Gnosis Protocol!
The dapp to trade on Gnosis Protocol is called Mesa.
Currently we are not whitelisted on there, however, you can go to
Upon going to that link you can input the STA contract address to trade:

Statera is now recognized on the Delta app, used to track pricing and returns in your portfolio over time.

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Bitcoin will never go below 9k again. I take care of the bear. Snippy will be next.

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