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Time machine back to 2005

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It's still criminally undervalued when compared to DOT. Not only this, but do you think parachain auctions increasing demand as well as creating scarcity won't drive the price up?

There's an auction every two weeks, each one lasting two weeks. Each auction will create a fomo pump.

I unironically think $1000+ is where it will sit after auctions.

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the changes in my own mentality I noticed after multiplying my net worth with a solid all-in pump and then again after making some losing trades and being below my initial were eye opening. went from my baseline to feeling above the people around me to feeling like a fraud retard and essentially turning off my brain and accepting that I'm a slave to cope instead of grappling with the anxiety of "making it" getting so much further away

not a commie, just bitter about how every attempt I made to reach out for support or be understood while I was growing up was met with gaslighting because normies don't understand that there are genuinely diseased people out there who manipulate and harm their own children (people who are not the main abuser but participate in gaslighting a victim are referred to as "flying monkeys"). it wasn't until I learned what that mental framework was, understood it, and learned how to describe it clinically that people would listen and trust me when I would explain how my father's seemingly benign yet strange and crappy actions carried a deeply troubling subtext with a weight of a lifetime of compounding abuse

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Would it make sense to bulk order Evola, Spengler, and other books by fascist authors before the Biden Administration cracks down hard on censoring them? The value for physical hardcovers would probably skyrocket and you could sell them using tor if they get censored on the surface-web.

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According to you I shouldn't believe in the uniscap coins meme but when I don't buy shit that I deem to be worthless (ponzis, anon devs, etc) then all of a sudden they pump 1000% in a day like RAGE did. I was about to buy, but I pussied out because there was almost nobody in the TG channel, there wasn't even a website and the token offered nothing of value. But it did grant a massive return nonetheless. I hate crypto

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>8 hours of work 5 days a week
>small debt because stupid
>have 1500 for savings/stocks per month because not a consoomer
>just a dumb electrician
love the work, hate the other trades, bunch of assholes for no reason. reminds me why i despise interacting with other people. call me daniel plainview, but i want to make it enough so that i don't have to deal with people anymore.

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Yeah I think I'll hold back on cryptos for now because of the tether fud anyway. I'll live with whatever comes next. Thanks anyway frens.

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if you're having fun, it's not a waste

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wouldn't that be something

I imagine there's going to be a lot of suffering before things start to get better though

if you have the will, use your funds to make the world a little bit better

if not, retire to a comfy cabin in the woods, away from this hellish nightmare society

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So link tards only have one thread to post in now too? Sorry, I haven't been here much over the past couple years.

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If there is one thing I learned this year.. its not to underestimate how popular and present 4chan really is. I know its an election year but this place is far more popular then we give it credit for. It continues to grow year after year and as the rest of the internet becomes more curated and censored, this place stands nostalgic and pristine. Our influence is quite strong.

Normally I would say this is cringe but I've seen 4chan leak out into my real life on more then one occasion throughout this year. Its strange and disconcerting. This place is supposed to be like the bottom of the ocean.. and it bothers me that its leaking to the surface. None of this has anything to do with GRT and I'm just waxin philosophic. I dunno.

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lmao it's over the dump party begins I had fun buying this at 0.01, anyone who bought when it was trending on Dextools is already too late

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I expect this because its the very 100% opposite of what bizshits expect

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there are people on this board considering a panic sell RIGHT NOW

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> so /XSG/ is fucking dead
Yeah it’s so dead the every day there’s still a general and sometimes there’s two generals because xrp is just that great religious or not.

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he fuckin said July
whats his problem

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>korea fud
>tether fud
>binance fud
>elections fud
>stock markets fud
>btc still holding 10k
probably in 1 day, tether solvent case closed praise vishnu

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I need advice. Im freshly graduated and currently have about 10k liquid at this very moment and am wondering if that’s enough to move out and start my life. The only things keeping me back are sentimentality and family. To add insult to injury, My only good friend kind of resents me now because I told him about Link in March and of course I bought and he didn’t as he thought it was a “Russian scam”

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nice digits

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I'll literally get killed if crypto doesn't stop dumping during next week

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