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Nah I am just someone with too much time on their hands. Although there definitely are bots doing what you claim. Go on /pol/ or even /v/ if you want some really obvious examples of it.

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Going zomewhere gentlemeen?

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editing Wikipedia articles and removing statues won’t save them from what’s coming.
It will make nazi germany look like a picnic

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>Yea its fucked we have probably already been marked so to speak
If I’m not #1 on the list of all these globo homos I’m doing it wrong.
The worst thing to me was reading the sarcasm posts anons were making out of fear for their post histories. Groveling to your enemy will only serve to get you killed.

Wake up guys, why the fuck is bilderberg engaging with us like this?
They release their announcement yesterday and talk about a “great reset”
Chainlink blogs this today:
And it reads exactly like Klaus and the WEF wrote it
And it’s perfectly timed with people getting absolutely sick of these bums trashing their streets.
Timing for chainlink couldn’t be better. And link marines like us, who think and have aspirations like ours, are locked and loaded with fat stacks about to rob the banks.
Think about it.
Why is bilderberg engaging with us and enriching us?
Link “marines” will be infamous in history

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You think they’re going to try and call us warlords when we take over?
Glad you’ve enjoyed it so far, despite uncleoldfags best efforts to derail

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t. Detectiveanon samefagging
You’ll need a better boogeyman than me

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Will they ever call off Crab-17?

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It feels like they're few of us these days. And by "us", I mean anons who truly want all /biz/raelis to make it. We are beset by pajeet shills and pump and dump groups who have no sense of shame, morality, or common decency for their fellow man. But I hope when the Golden Bullrun comes, I hope we'll look back on these dark times and laugh as we enjoy drinks on citadel bar.

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[Crypto Exterminatus Sanctioned]

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