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Trusting anyone using the Jew Cube of Saturn as their emblem.

f hell /biz/, this is why you need a little /pol/ in your life from time to time

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You gonna address this >>19664927 42 or just do what you always do when pushed into a corner and flood the thread with your random bullshit hoping no one notices? Your tricks are stale and the man behind the curtain is starting to show his long crooked nose. Go ahead, please tell everyone how you are "fighting the satanic pedo elite" by drumming up pseudo-mysticism connected to the absolute most kosher, most saturnian of crypto projects. We await with attention

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buy (((their))) coin to bring about total control backed by blockchain id and the mark of the beast

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Yes, which is why I know he is a Sabbatean.
You make all these posts talking about Christ like a wolve in sheep's clothing then admit you know that it is (((their))) coin but you don't care because you will make money. You are so transparent to anyone who follows Christ is sad to believe unsuspecting anons actually fall for your lies and spam posting. It gets tiring but every now and then someone has to come in a point it out so that those few who read these words will see through your veil. Not to mention how many times you have been thoroughly schooled when you revealed your lack of historical and spiritual/occult knowldege so that all you have is spam posting to random youtube videos and pretending to be deep and mysterious.

All will be judged by the Lord and your cube will be broken. Enjoy your "gains" while you can.

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>42 already hinted connections from Link to Trump to Q, not with some special insider knowledge, but because he just had the eyes to see it. It's right there in front of you.

>Q is supposed to work against the Satanic pedo cabal
>Q supports the mark of the beast project funded by MIT deep state and (((ari))) and (((sergey)))

If you are going to Larp at least do your research so your fiction can be believable

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