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>just 2 more weeks.
>trust the plan
>we're all in this together

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How does $100,000,000,000 sound?

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He definitely betrayed us all
I bought link at 4.90 and went to tell my wife about our new investment
She took one look at the buy order and without saying a word took the PSP from my hand and pissed directly over the screen all the while never once breaking eye contact with me
I must confess it gave me an erection but the message was clear; the purchase of Chainlink was taboo in this polyamorous relationship
Just then the door swung open and in shuffled one Deshaun, a foul stench preceding his physical presence as per usual
He mounted her without explanation or pause and I must admit a tear filled my eye as I bore witness to this scene of mind altering anal penetration her bleached sphincter fracturing like a parody of Cinderella’s shoe each thrust searing through my brain with a white hot agony not unlike the spear of Longinus himself mucous and foam pouring out of every facial fucking orifice involuntarily masturbating as I once again played audience to the desecration of our vows at the incomprehensible whim of the crazed voodoo man
I heard him exclaim as he deposited his viral Bantu seed into my wife’s fucking colon
At that moment I felt a seizure pour over me like a glass of warm double cream as I slammed into our mahogany wooden floor writhing and thrashing violently foaming at the mouth consciousness and sanity fast evaporating with every passing second before I saw him pick up the piss covered PSP, my fresh Chainlink buy order still visible on the dashboard his vile negroid digits navigating their way to a unceremonious limit sell order, all 230 of my hard earned Chainlink sold in an instant for a total of 0.45 cents
And then the bongo drums began to play, my brief flirtation with unconsciousness interrupted as the African champagne begins to flow, a baptism in piss truth be told
Eyes burning I gripped my sodden PSP as I began to wail uncontrollably under the relentless African rain
My wife was also crying

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Link has caught the attention of Sunny Decree. A Crypyo YouTuber with 117k subs

What do you want to do biz?


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Yes, holy shit, otherwise you'll probably kill yourself when we start pumping again
even retarded swinglinkers know not to sell more than 10% of their stack

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So tired of this shit. Buy LINK and fuck off. Nobody is going to hold your faggot hand, literally everyone is going to shill you their bags.

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>implying that's not what the original post is advertising for

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Good impression or real Sergey. If it really is you, don't take our jokes to heart we really do love you.

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bZx is already integrating Chainlink

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I'm tired of being a linklet, just punted 4x long on LINK

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4.5k reporting in

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