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Aim for a 10k stack imo.

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long 10x ftm

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bruh i've had these all saved for months justin bebis made them over the summer

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I bought at all time lows last spring/summer, still pretty comfy.

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I traded a chunk of my BTC stack for Fantom right before BTC dumped. Going to stake it and watch all the pink wojaks rope.
Ah, so fucking comfy.

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I feel so comfy sitting on my scamtom stack.

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Yeah what the fuck? Its about to get comfy.

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Never selling anon. Fantom is an IQ test.

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If you build it they will come.

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to anyone else not retarded
This will attract more investors. serious investors who want less inflation. Keeping the old staking pattern until fall was the perfect marketing plan that worked perfectly.
with the introduction of a new staking model, it will help maintain capitalization at 100 million and open the milestone to reach 250 million.
100-200 million capitalization will already be a name - which will work for success. on the market, not counting the subsequent launch of a reliable and real DeFi, and not created by some unknown teams of protocols based on Ethereum with the Defi domino effect
From today's Black Sunday on the market, all investors who have been looking for easy money and have invested in the erc20 protocols without thinking about the domino effect will start looking at real and truly true decentralized finance like Fantom. and this is a huge positive about today's market drama. Fantom will win this market downturn
End .
Thanks to the Fantom team. the old community is still with you and will remain forever.

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lets go anon
never underestimate the power of positive thought
let the memes become reality

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Glad we got that retracement out of the way, and it was nice that people bought the dip so eagerly. Feels good knowing we're gonna make it.

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Chance of a 30x is approximately 100%

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Hey man, me too :)

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Me watching link marines freak out after I got a bag of FTM

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