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>tfw only 4k LINK

is there any hope bros?

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A suicide stack now costs 260k$ LMAO

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I have 20k LINK, will I make it this circle?

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eth bleed out while btc doubled from previous aths then started pumping to over 300 before Dec 2017.

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Checked. We have made it frens

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When ETH 2.0?
When staking?
When arbiture?

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So we will see tripple digits 2021?

- Arbitrage and Staking coming
- Trump re-election
- End of the coronameme
- BLM/Antifa losing civilwar in a matter of hours

What a timeline this will be

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oh oooOOPS
didn't roll myself

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Hope you idiots bought the bottom

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My linkys stay SUPER fuckin stinky. Trump elected and Stinkers to 50$ EOY

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me too, his name is sergey

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Is 20k enough?

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Staking will be announced at saturday. What % will we get?

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have a seat anon

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I'm watching but it'll have to pump a lot more than that to break out.

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Looking at the agenda page. I see sergery's keynote, but I don't see where they say anything about announcing Links current state? They *open* with the current state of smart contracts, but, I dunno. I suppose it would make sense to update everyone during his Keynote, but, for some reason I feel like Sergey would focus on other things. Hmm.

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Right? I'm buying as much as I can. I'll never understand /biz/, anyone who is happy with themselves or comfy over gains is called a LARP and a cope poster. Some people really are broken deep down.

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Checked and correct.

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All the same, it seems tonight it set to be quiet. Busy night, perhaps. Oh well. I hope you Marines are doing alright and are comfy enough. Stay warm, stay cozy, and don't sell unless you absolutely must. We will make it through this just fine. We've seen worse before.

On an unrelated note, I started reading that book by Klaus Schawb. It's some pretty heavy reading, but very thought provoking. I suggest you marines pick up a copy and read through it.

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I sold at 16.30, sorry marines.

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pump. China is collapsing around them and they are using Link to funnel money out of the country.

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