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No. He's trying to hint at you that money velocity is no longer factored by middle class spending habits. Normies already are in max spending territory since 10 months anyway.
The wealth concentration at the top of the pyramid is now so insane, the 0.5% richest jews are the ones defining M2 velocity and moving the needle.

What Burry is trying to say is that (((richfags))) are starting to slurp on real assets. Which is the smart move before the milkshake slingshot hit back. You amerimutts have the incredible opportunity to buy everything cheaper than anybody else while having 10x the median income than anybody else. You are ridiculously lucky. But the time window is closing, so act wisely.

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Bros... i'm having panic attacks with everything happooning lately. Especially since CIAniggers blew up NordStream. Everything i predicted is unfolding under my very eyes. I prefered when i was called a schitzo by normies.
Now it's clear as day : WW3 is inevitable, debt bubble implosion and milkshake theory are inevitable, ethnic civil wars are inevitable. Hundreds of millions will perish on the bloody jewish altar.

My heart is racing, i feel overwhelmed. But i can't take any meaningful action as i've no monies left (and the euro is collapsing anyway). I feel trapped, forced to watch hell on earth happening in slow motion while retarded npcs don't even have a clue of what is about to happen to them.

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