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It really is hell. Also, consider the fact that most people have to drive in rush hour traffic with the blinding sun in their eyes BOTH WAYS to and from work as the smoggy dust makes their windshields impossible to see through.

There have literally been times driving in LA where I cannot see in front of me because of how bad the smog and sunlight is here.

Thousands of people every day are literally driving blind in traffic and it's just a normal accepted part of every day life.

I see probably 7 out of every 10 drivers looking at their phones going 60+mph on the freeway. Everyone is addicted to their fucking dopamine machines, and half the beaners in this town don't have car insurance. Any attempts at fixing infrastructure are superficial at best and just exacerbate the problem.

Living here compared to NYC is only good for how much space you get per $, but even that isn't worth it when you consider how much fucking time you waste in traffic trying to get anywhere.

I'm starting to look for jobs in other states just to have an excuse to get out of here before the fucking Aztlan reconquista starts and they start scalping white people by the thousands. I'd suggest any self respecting white man to do the same.

>pic related is all I really want these days

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