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>just let strangers raise your kids!

The kids are under 5. The wife breastfeeds the youngest (that's feeding every 2-3 hours, 24/7). I'm not dumping my progeny with strangers for the entire day.

The wife might go back to work (part time) when they're old enough to go to school every day. Even then, I'd prefer her to be home. By then I will make the career leap for it to not be an issue.

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3x leveraged ETFs or even better options on them

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>I don't want a wife, I want a servant I can fuck

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>Some people lives really have been destroyed by VC scam projects dumping on naive retail. Fathers trying to make it for their kids to have a good life etc. Some San Francisco VC makes a billion dollars while some investors lose all their life savings.
Holy based I hope this happens again.

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>Women don't have rights

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i too live with my parents because i want to fit in with my bros on 4chan
i also praise Christ, hate Jews (and w*men) and purchase funny internet coins based on what my cool friends on 4chan tell me.
if you dont like that? heh, well you can fuck right off buddy. you arent welcome in our club.
now beat kid, it before i start posting wojaks.

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That's my Book Prince

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>once a year

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Christ is King

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>Just shorted NASDAQ 100 with a 20x CFD
This guy fucks

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>but what are some other good ones?

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Yes because I am lucky

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seethe vaxtards

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Man up

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Good luck OP, I have some prehistoric and pre Colombian pieces that I need to sell, as well as a bunch of Japanese/Chinese antique ivory. Rooting for you champ.

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I’m a manager AMA

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