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I'm the opposite. I start to worry when my portfolio goes up

>texts from family members incoming
>all these top signals, why the fuck am I not selling
>everybody and their grandmother must be buying right now, this is so retarded
>we're about to dump so fucking hard, FUCK

then when my portfolio dumps tens of thousands of dollars I just click exit and ignore the market for a few weeks

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I'd rather kms than wage another day
goodbye /biz/

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Also i want to warn you frens, because it could happen to you soon : i'm IP flagged by a (((mod))) who b& me for 3 days for no reasons (no longer so i can't appeal) as soon as he see me postin'. It have been like this ever since IQDELET started his spam faggotry 2-3 weeks ago. Within the next 3 hours i'll get another unjustified 3 days ban, 100% guaranteed.

This is my punishment for having posted a bit too many redpills on JPM, especially on the very day IQ appeared. His first post literally came 2min after i disclosed the GPS coordinates of the new Vault B in the City of London where all the silver from COMEX participants (Loomis, Scotia, Wells Fargo, etc..) was being transfered, under sole custody of JPM.
It start to get on my nerves, especially since i can't easily reset my router where i currently am.

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Some days I can't talk properly because of so many problems

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>How frog bros how?
Simple, only boomers are allowed to enjoy life.
Otherwise you scrap by being stingy as fuck : vacations in the backyard, no restaurant, no bars, no hobbies, no cinemas, no goyslop, no nothing. And you drive a twingo.

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i wasn't finished yet :(

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Well, i am sure noone is Prepping the BHLL but did any fags ever buy some USOI?
bot feb. 2021 up 70% with reinvested divs so far...ffs last month my div was 4%

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>a house was probably worth $2000 back then
Life is suffering..

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I bought HOGE and it's literally fucked me worst than not selling GME at it's height. I learned the trends behind a pajeet pnd though.

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The thread for worthless losers that wasted their lives.

Feeling extra depressed lately gentlemen, knowing that I have missed out on every single crypto pump for four years straight and am going to die a friendless virgin. How are the rest of you doing?

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The thread for worthless losers that wasted their one single chance at life.

How are we coping today gentlemen? I’ll probably stare at my own personal computer screen tonight after I finish staring at my work screen for 9 straight hours.

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What's the best crypto app for alt coins that aren't banned in NY and also don't fuck you in the ass with commission fees?

I have RH for doge ;_;

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>Missed BTC
>Missed ETH
>Missed LINK
>Missed TSLA
>Missed GME
>Missed DOGE

This is a comfy general for fellow losers to hang out and beat ourselves up about our missed financial opportunities in life. No boasting, no bragging, and most importantly, NO GME OR DOGE POSTING. This is a safe space for self-pity.

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I saw myself in the mirror and now my night is ruined

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I’m tired of being a balding, greasy, no chinned, skinny fat, weird, friendless, charismaless, bloated, socially awkward, talentless, skilless virgin.

I’m 25, I have nothing to offer anyone. I live with chronic pain. My hair is falling out. I am getting fatter by the day. I am getting dumber by the day. I have never had a single friend in my life. I have never even flirted with a woman. I can’t sleep at night. I can barely get out of bed in the morning. I’m tired of being a worthless fucking loser. I want out of this life but I know I will never make it because I don’t have the will power, I’ll always be a fucking loser.

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I’m 25 and have a mech eng degree. I want to move to a nice city but I don’t know where, I live in the US but I live in an area where there’s no one to meet and it’s all dying boomers.

What should I do with my life? Where should I move to? What industry should I work in? Will I miss my family if I move too far away? Am I wasting my life?

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I just want to die already. I can't take another 50 years of struggling like this just trying to make it. Death is the only release from this hell on earth.

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I had to send my ID to the broker, so obviously i'm over 18

I'm french, and that's why i'm asking. I just need someone to tell me step by step WHAT they do when they place an order, i must be missing something, i just want to know how to do it so my placed orders are finally met.

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Which ERC20 Token will make me neurotypical?

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b-bros I bought $10FV 90% dimes but only counted $9.90, got some mercs and barbers though

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I just coomed in the shower and i regret it.

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>tfw no waxy cold asian gf

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