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I saw Sergey in an upscale steakhouse the other day. At first I couldn’t recognize him because of all the weight he’s put on recently even though I was sitting at the next table over. But I knew it was him after I overheard someone asking the waiter if they served Big Macs, which of course they didn’t, and as I turned around he began to throw a tantrum, tossing his menu onto the floor and pounding his fists on the table. “Don’t you fucking know what my PSD2 compliant decentralized oracles are going to do for the smart contract economy you stupid wage slave!?” He shrieked, to the shock of the other restaurant patrons. It looked like him and Rory were having an important meeting with financial types before his hangry attitude kicked in, so Rory hastily dug into his leather man purse and pulled out a crumpled, grease-dotted McDonalds bag, gingerly handing it to Sergey under the table. “Sergey sweetie, you promised you wouldn’t act this way, we’re going to have to go home after this with no second Big Mac if you don’t behave,” stammered Rory, attempting to calm the angry giant. Sergey snatched the bag and retaliated with an extremely loud fart before greedily unwrapping and chowing down on the Big Mac inside. I decided to leave shortly thereafter since I didn’t feel safe around Sergey’s unpredictable behavior, and the fart wafted onto my food anyhow.

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