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>1 line
>life story
Yikes, your life story must be fucking boring as shit if that's what constitutes a life story. Not surprising considering how shitty your parents are.
If you want the truth, really, I saw this thread and realised it would be full of fucking faggots who hate their parents and blame them for their pathetic, miserable lives. Low hanging fruit. I've been returning here intermittently to make extremely low effort posts to troll you losers, mostly in between trading. It takes like 30 seconds at a time and you get so riled up that it makes it easy.
I'm gonna go to bed now but I'll F5 this thread when I wake up to harvest the rest of my (you)'s. Thanks.

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Never selling. Worse case scenario I lose 70$ kek
Still majorly in profit even after the swingy dumps.
When you fomo faggots start making threads again after 0.001 us multi billionfags will enter after scaling out shiba for btc and shitposting about jews on elon musks twatter

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You're a literal nigger kike faggot.

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We are lil niggy....we are

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biz is now a home defense board

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wait you fags just don't trade the 15min chart on 40x leverage? LMFAO ngmi so sad

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Lol holy fuck you guys have like less than a couple months to go all in link.

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$10 bucks an hour? That is a waste of time. Think of what you can buy for $10 and know that is how much some is buying 1 hour of your time.

The better option is to: 1)Apply for all the gubberment gibs you can; 2) Rob boomers. They have more money than they know what to do with and they are horrible people. Rob those mouthy fucking boomers.

My option is not only more lucrative it will also make you feel better. Working for a low wage will make you feel exploited and low worth. Rob boomers and scamming the gubberment will make you feel like a baller.

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>reason for report
>this post breaks a rule
>Intentionally evading spam/post filters

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Chart is textbook "Return to Normal". Enjoy your dump stinkers.

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If they started buying 10 years ago, that lines up with the recession, which is also when JPM inherited Lehman Bros. and began their silver hoarding in earnest... Kinda spooped man, not gonna lie.

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What a fucking legend.

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In the future, the public won’t know who the leaders are. They won’t bother with press conferences or speeches or voting.
Fully complying is the only choice they will have.
We have no more room for persuasion or discussion.

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No one likes you
You are mutt slaves and pets for your masters
You’re all being scapegoated right now and are too stupid to realize what’s happening.
You’ll realize that you've all been made scapegoats when it’s too late to stop what’s coming.
Most of you belong to your father satan

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I think their issue isn’t traceability, but the fact that they can’t freeze your assets or accounts and they can’t stop you from sending currency around if you want to and evading their sanctions for example.

Imagine in the future if they call your small business a “white supremacist” business and give you a nice gold star to go along with it and they ban you from using banks, credit cards or PayPal.
What will you use now to get around their sanctions?

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Why not haha

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Mfw it’s all true
Holy shit Hahahaha
The deeper we look into it, the more plausible it actually becomes

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