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>if you trade like a retard and if you don't sell at 100 points, and instead trade how I painted here, then you'll lose money... this proves Stoch RSI is bad!
Cute strawman.

>backtesting Stoch RSI to claim Stoch RSI doesn't work
You have to be a pretty special kind of retard to think you can backtest Stoch RSI (or regular RSI for that matter) and get any meaningful results. The reason programmed trades (a backtest) always gets you rekt is because Stoch RSI requires a human intellect and market awareness and the R stands for Relative, which is what a programmed trade is incapable of understanding as its not a human and just buys and sells blindly without taking into consideration whether it's a bull market or bear market etc (which changes how Stoch RSI behaves; ie during bear markets it can linger for a long time on the bottom and during bull markets it can stay topped for a while).

>literally less profitable than buy and hold
Translation: "I'm low IQ and only capable of hoddling like a dumb plebbitor, therefore I desperately want le epic HODL to be superior, even in face of the obvious and undeniable reality of the superiority of Buy High Sell Low (which Stoch RSI among other things makes easy). So I'm just going to close my eyes to reality and pretend it doesn't existed, even after I got totally BTFO'd beyond any hope of recovery."

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