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I dropped out and have no degree. Still got a job. It doesn't pay tremendously but I work remotely and get to travel the world and go wherever I want anytime I want. My boss won't hire anyone who has a stupid degree anymore due to bad experiences (Art, English, Political Science, anything that was obviously chosen because it was easy). All those resumes literally get thrown in a trash can. We don't discriminate against people for a lack of educational background though, they tend to work harder and have less of an entitled attitude. It's anecdotal but I see a lot of businesses, particularly small and medium sized who aren't going to have some HR lady cock block you because you don't have the paper requirements.

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If you waited you should honestly just take the Budd Dwyer retirement plan and blow your fucking head off. I'm dead serious.
If you're so fucking greedy that you can't hear the music stopping, it's time to give up.

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>Yea dude just invest 300k into an IRA before you turn 30 so you can retire by 70!
>it’s totally feasible in today’s economy!
You’re right I’m sorry anons put all your money in stocks at an ATH, surely warren buffet over here knows something we don’t. Hint when others are in doubt be greedy, if you are young and can afford to take risks do it or suck it up and wage cuck till you are 80 and watch your life pass you by in a meaningless fashion slaving away for worthless materialistic corporations.

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I make 6 figs selling weed LMAOing at wage cucks sitting in cubicles all day.

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>60k in savings (there’s a reason this is so high I’m aware it should be invested)
>50k in crypto
>12k in VTI
>0 debt
Seems like a lot of LARPs ITT, oh well your LARPs give me fuel to want to get even further ahead and out of the wage slave cycle by 30.

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I can’t bring myself to care about work anymore. All I do is look at charts, browse /biz/, and read ebooks. I know I’m counting the eggs before the chicken here but I can feel it in my bones we are all gonna make it and wagecucking just seems like a gigantic waste of time and unneeded stress.

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Meh she had a boyfriend the whole time she was toying with me idk if I made that clear in my posts, the way I see it she can text my actual number instead of snap chatting if she’s really that interested. I put up on instagoy im taking a break from social media since I wanted to take some time off it just to not be wrapped up in digital keeping up with the jones’s. Hell the only reason I’m on /biz/ after taking a month and a half off this place is because Link has taken off and I’ve been shitposting like a madman ever since. I really didn’t appreciate being toyed with fren it didn’t feel good, and makes me question if she’s even worth giving a shot. Though I realize she was only doing it to try and make herself feel better.

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This is FUD. ETH is and always will be king shitcoin.
Link shorts the entire crypto and derivative exchange market. A 10k 'suicide stack' is hundreds of thousands of dollars, millions if you got game.

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