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>Imagine waking up, booting up your personal computer, logging into coinbaae website to send 37 thousand USD in return for less than 112,121 LINK
33 cent club check in

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Why top wallets are accumulating? I've lost almost 100 ranks in the top 800 wallet range

During the $19-20 sell-off I almost gained 100 ranks just by holding

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in the real world, we say going to $1000 eoy

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pee pee poo poo edition:
Your smart contracts connected to real world data, events and payments.
Chainlink Oracle feeds:

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Why top 1000 addresses are buying more Chainlink at these prices? The hoarding is apparent in the top 300 range

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>Green dubs
Kek has spoken. Saturn wills it.

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Isn't this shit ran by a literal Jewess? I remember all the exit scam memes and it dumping into the ground a year ago. Why would I buy this shitcoin when I can buy their sovereign, Chainlink, instead.

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Everything is happening as I have foreseen it.

In early 2018 I was contacted by Kek and he told me to buy chainlink. I researched it and I did end up buying it, about 15k at average price $0.5. Not a huge investment but I had just started working at the time so it was a large part of my net worth at the time.

I had never bought any other crypto currency before and didn’t even look at biz that much yet I felt compulsed to buy chainlink.

I had written it off as a coincidence, or a result of lots of 4chan threads about chainlink. Surely a deity was not in contact with me.

Yet it happened again with DMG. After years of never investing in anything apart from Link and LP, I woke up one morning seeing one or two threads on DMG. At the time just on uniswap and the private sale website. I knew nothing about this token, the details in the threads were sparse. Seemed indistinguishable from any other uniswap shitcoin. Yet I felt strongly, and I mean strongly compulsed to buy it. I didn’t have time to research. I got up, went to my laptop and swapped 2k LINK for DMG at a price of $0.35. I didn’t know anything about the project at the time.

Now I am sure that I am in contact with Kek. And my visions are getting stronger. I just went out for a walk in the woods. I felt Him speak to me. I had to sit down to receive his message. He didn’t say much (he never does) but he said my ducks better be in a row by September/October and I better have as much LINK as I can possibly afford by then. This is one of the strongest messages I have received. It has all worked according to plan. DMG was a lifeline to those faithful to Kek yet with small LINK stacks, allowing people to turn 1k LINK into 5-10k if they played their cards right.

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I don’t know anything about ChainLink.

I don’t know what a smart contract is, I don’t know what an oracle is. I don’t know any details about all the chainlink partnerships. I don’t know what chainlink is used for or why it’s important. I have never done any research on chainlink, and never will.

I first bought chainlink in the ICO, and have bought every month since then. My latest buy was this morning (bought another $1k worth). I will literally never sell.

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It's not "her" money you fool. She gave it to you. You own the keys. There was no contract involved. She cheated on you. Are you going to simp for a cheating whore or are you going to buy a mansion on Mars with the rest of us a decade from now?
If you are worried, get a JEWISH lawyer.
He'll keep your shekels safe and your finances tighter than a virgin's asshole.

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You desire is powering OPs sigil, did you forget the basic tenant? We are all in this together. There is high level magick afoot in this thread. Google RED DATE and the RED DOT of consciousness project.

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