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Aaah, yes of course, how could I forget that BTC has never pumped prior to ETFs. ETFs are what enables BTC to pump.

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probably muh ETF / muh institutions, or muh S2F / Rainbow

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>he didn't check the stoch rsi

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>he hasn't checked the btc chart

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Topkek. Bet those guys were shorting the bottom of the dump. They've now learned the hard way.

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>THERE ARE ANONS ON /BIZ/ RIGHT NOW (many of which are GME baggies - you know it, you've seen them in BTC and LINK threads using their plebbity gme-speak) ABSOLUTELY PANICKING in HYPER-FOMO mode for BTC and various alts, hurrying to move money onto exchanges to buy, biting their nails anxiously hoping the money "gets there in time" before the price pumps to whatever price they fear it will imminently pump to
kek it's that time again

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I absolutely love it when brainlets rage and seethe against Stoch RSI (and TA in general). It's glorious. It's amazing how much anger Stoch RSI using anons cause in brainlets - nothing triggers them as much, it sends them into total mental meltdown mode; makes their blood boil and makes them shake with hatred and froth at the mouth with rage.

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>OP makes thread specifically making fun of seething brainlets, even telling them they're now seething as a result of him making the thread
>said brainlets get giga triggered and seethe endlessly, exposing themselves as the seething brainlets they are
Like clockwork.

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Looks like they didn't check any of that, Bobo.

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>the experts

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>he thinks this is bullish

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>t. longs about to get liquidated
Another retard who didn't check the 1W Stoch RSI.

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You're one of the low IQers this anon mentioned: >>54188373

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>is bulltard
>uses reddit language
>is taking screenshots of coinmarketcap instead of using a proper chart

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>he hasn't checked the Stoch RSI on the 1D

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btw you get banned on /a/ if you post: >>51338063 -- that's how sensitive they are to frogs, they'll giga rage over that gif and mass report you.

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/a/ goes insane from frogs: >>>/a/242255382

/a/ goes insane from frogs: >>>/a/242255382

/a/ goes insane from frogs: >>>/a/242255382

Let 'em have it.

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better add me on the screep cap

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>conceding his retardation and doubling down on it, confirming for everyone he's one of the brainlets >>51113535 talked about

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