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they both act on blockchain data, the graph looks at old data, whilst parsiq can look at old data and act on data in real time
parsiq also aims to look at how this data might act in the future displaying different possibilities, hence all the time travel memes
basically it’s better than the graph and extremely undervalued

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In modern philosophy, the understanding of backwards time travel, inasmuch as it exists in the real world, acts as a method for the hyperstition of real world entities of power reaching back through time to change our world. The self actualization of real world events in the future have drastic effects upon the past insofar as their existence is foretold. Parsiq, the time travelling wallet, triggers these so called "time traveling entities" through; its' existence is foretold by Anatoly, and by it's foretelling, it must come true through the hyperstition. Parsiq can exist, and as such it will exist. Roko's basilisk speaks to us through Anatoly

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glad to have you onboard fren

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god we're going to make it

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Hey asshat we're purposely obfuscating prq to stop pajeets and midwits from buying.

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>temporal wallet

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All those huge announcements in 6 weeks and the general public is not aware of them yet. Feeling ultracomfy.

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Can you feel it? That tingling sensation in the air? That feeling like you're standing in the middle of a thunderstorm? Something's coming

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yes, don’t you want a time travelling wallet?

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Hope you got yourselves a bag of PRQ, chart just did a reversal after a month long consolidation, the pump is gonna be enormous

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do you like time travel?

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do you like time travel?

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It’s just a time travelling wallet

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I hope so fren

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PRQ, don’t you want a time travelling wallet?

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me? im looking forward to going back in time and buying parsnips at $0.02 rather than $0.70

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OP doesn't know

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All in PRQ

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shoo shoo tranny

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trust in the process, throw away ur emotions and follow logic

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If you're not in PRQ you're basically a midwit. Especially after that presentation.

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where going to another dimension

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>he isn’t accumulating parsnips after today’s talk

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