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Chad post. Fuck these normies. Get boosted, plebs.

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>that way you can basically have all the time for yourself to do whatever.
i have this and I am broke
imagine working so hard all your life to obtain something I have by being a NEET

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>sub .50
.25 is the maximum for grt chads. stay coping

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>buying a budget whore to save extra money for more meme coins
I like your style

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>selling my 16 dollar bags at 19 and buying once (((they))) crash it back down to 9
Gonna be slow going couple of weeks, but I am going to Make It.

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Thank you for doing the needful sirs. Honestly as long as you keep putting such work in and /biz/ finds worthy companies, we're gonna make money. You're fucking based

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I’m worse than a goblino
I’m a leaf

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Posted that here earlier in the thread
Also posted the link to the pdf

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>let the Chevy door hit ya where the good Lord split ya
>I ain’t discussin’ nothin’
>you can come hit the door

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Because modern woman is married to the government and hates God
But hey, that’s just like my opinion

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Are we done talking about cryptos now? Is there any meaningful discussion yet?

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Is it true that if you quit with the intentions of starting a business, your boss will try and convince you starting a business impossible?

I want to know if my boss is just bullshitting so he isn't understaffed or he is being honest in the interests of not seeing me thrown into poverty.

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>love the idea of giving some money to receive more
>would love to try and do investment shit with something like robinhood
>don't want to crash my bank account with no survivor

Then I had this idea, what if I only invest small amount of money, I won't win a lot of money but at least I can learn by trial and error, and once I'm skillful enough I could use actual amount of money to win money

Is this viable?

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