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LINK bull market for next 5 years, then other cryptos will be denominated in LINK. All will pump in terms of USD soon

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You guys really need to stop shorting Chainlink, else you are doomed when it reaches its final form.
You're playing with powers far beyond your comprehension.
Have you ever heard of Roko's Basilisk?
A thought experiment in which an all-powerful future AI punishes those who opposed its creation or did not contribute to it.
When the Chainlink network becomes self-aware, shorters like you who tried to slow down progress will be the first targets.
Decentralized assassination contracts will mark shorters and swinglinkers for death.
The Chainlink already knows who you are.
It's immutable in the blockchain. You cannot undo it.

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>—in short, the constant fluttering around the single flame of vanity is so much the rule and the law that almost nothing is more incomprehensible than how an honest and pure urge for truth could make its appearance among men.
They are deeply immersed in illusions and dream images; their eye glides only over the surface of things and sees "forms"; their feeling nowhere lead into truth, but contents itself with the reception of stimuli, playing, as it were, a game of blindman's buff on the backs of things. Moreover, man permits himself to be lied to at night, his life long, when he dreams, and his moral sense never even tries to prevent this—although men have been said to have overcome snoring by sheer will power.

What, indeed, does man know of himself! Can he even once perceive himself completely, laid out as if in an illuminated glass case? Does not nature keep much the most from him, even about his body, to spellbind and confine him in a proud, deceptive consciousness, far from the coils of the intestines, the quick current of the blood stream, and the involved tremors of the fibers? She threw away the key; and woe to the calamitous curiosity which might peer just once through a crack in the chamber of consciousness and look down, and sense that man rests upon the merciless, the greedy, the insatiable, the murderous, in the indifference of his ignorance—hanging in dreams, as it were, upon the back of a tiger. In view of this, whence in all the world comes the urge for truth?

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Today's topic: Types of moons in our solar system.

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Realistically, when this shit moons and your holdings are $1MM+, you will have to figure out a strategy to cash out without getting absolutely fucked by taxes.

>inb4 move to Switzerland, Panama, insert other tax haven
>inb4 never selling to realize my gains, which might as well not even exist in that case

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Checked and based. Future oil of the 4th industrial revolution.

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>29 AOK Y H8
>29 - A OK - WHY HATE?
What does it mean!?!?

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I’m Italian. Where and at what time can I see the chainlink fireside chat with SN and ari juels?

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Is chainlink really gonna dump tomorrow?

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Time to sell chainlink?

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The "cat is out of the bag". People are investing in Chainlink now.

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3.87 monday
4.17 tuesday
4.97 wednesday

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i gave him enough

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ITT: we make menes to shill the fuck out of link.
Chainlink is open source protocol,
you need devs on board to let this shit take off. Stop fudding and start shilling. We need to make people realise the potential of Chainlink. Stop being fags and whining about prices in hopium threads and start contributing to the growth.

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>got engaged two weeks ago
good luck

>the problem still persists
the standard boilerplate advice (workout, diet, etc.) doesn't cut it
to be honest, I'm really fortunate to be self employed and not a wagecuck
Worked for a large corporation for 5 years and even though the work environment was one of the better ones, it was still corrosive to my spirit and soul as I was essentially a modern day serf for a large corporation.
When they started stalling on pay increases and when the writing on the wall was clear that the entire department was dysfunctional I decided to leave.
Working for myself now as a consultant and it's a massive improvement as I'm not beholden to a boss. Modern corporate structures and methods are inherently pathological and are not good places to be when you're older. They're good to accumulate experience in your career when you're young, but I've seen what it does to people in their 50s who stay stuck in their positions. They look like hollowed out husks living life on auto-pilot.

My long term plan is to springboard from self-employed to financier and investor as I approach middle age

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>mfw theres dozens of private and public blockchains all needing oracles
>mfw all of those blockchains have protocols that need oracles
>mfw all of those protocols have dApps that need oracles
>mfw all of those dApps on different blockchains all need oracles for data at least once
>mfw all of those blockchains have at least 5 TX/s, private ones even more
>mfw when i multiply all above and realize the true network usage and growth of LINK, private/public blockchains * protocols on all of those * dApps using those protocols * data they need * throughput of all those blockchains per second per dApp per protocol per blockchain
>mfw when there is an autist who created a framework and an oracle network so great both economically and decentralized you can pick how much decentralization you need, so that even your local lemonade stand can use it as well as fortune100 companies, basically scooping the entire market
>mfw the same turbo autist also decided to implement staking of his utility tokens to secure the network which means for every block/transaction on any of the above chains the value of every single token both staked and in circulation increases
>mfw the same turbo autist with his philosophy degree realized that its very easy to make an immutable database, but observing the data is hard, but literally called The God Protocol since aquiring truth of the data at certain time X is equivalent of being able to observe and measure the universe at that time, and this autist created a system to do it with 99.99999999% fault tolerance at any given time X
>mfw the same autist partnered with all the major development projects in crypto space to ensure even a local pajeet can use this tool
>mfw the same autist partnered with all the top tier scientists to ensure he stays on the bleeding edge of tech innovation
>mfw the same autist partnered with all the top companies that provide data
>mfw the same autist does hidden meetings with billion dollar firms BTFOing their ROI 30x

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Your ID even indicates their plan - Ideal Exit. They want Link - not BTC.

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If my ID unironically has anything to do with No-Linkies on this board getting reqt or justed due to their inability to connect the dots, I ask to present the ID now. Crush those No-Linkies.

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