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Please do not by some nitric acid off a chemistry grad student, and try to do home brew gold extractions. You need the concentrated stuff, which will fuck you up. It also constantly releases vapors, which will fuck up the metal cabinet you need to store it in. You will also need to store it separately from anything it may oxidize unless you like fire. But the worst part will be dealing with the waste. Aside from the fact that the waste liquid will be strongly acidic, it will be full of metals, and if you dump that shit on the ground somewhere you'll have killed everything on that patch of dirt for the next few decades.

If you're going to be a retard and do home chemistry, at least have proper acid waste containers, and have a treatment facility you can bring them to.

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I feel like that doesn't fly as much as it used to though, at least in the US where everyone's favorite pastime is to bitch about how expensive live is. Sure you can keep printing that consumer goods aren't inflating rapidly, be some normies make a collage of bread prices nationwide, puts it on 'mommy' faceberg groups, and that shit takes off on its own. And its not like other financial interests will get fooled by this if they use it as a talking point about how good the economy is.

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