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>por que no los dos?
you usually can't dance at two weddings at once. either this guy is really important or not, up to us to figure it out.

>why isn't microsoft?
They are on the absolute other side of the spectrum that is chainlink partnerships.
Microsoft is all over the place, from IC3 to r3 to ID2020, they have their fingers everywhere.
bad comparsion.

>and enhanced CMS integration
that could be it, CMS is a potential field that can profit from smart contracts.

>solid connection
we need to find more connections, if chainlink is really so important for their business there should be more signs.
we need to dig deeper.

has nothing to do with FUD, we have to go through every detail to be as sure as possible, otherwise we might create FUD when it turns out our dots weren't as connected as we thought.

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