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You guys are MVPs on this board. You guys can't imagine what it means to talk to someone who really gets what biz bros are going through. I'm surrounded by normie friends, and I've tried to get them into this stuff but they just don't get it. Now that I'm in the process of making it with LINK, I feel even more alone than ever.

On top of that, I bet all my cash + some cash I borrowed on my line of credit on Trump to win. Even though the bets haven't paid out yet (Thank God) and I believe Trump will prevail, I was (foolishly) banking on a nice little windfall about now. So despite all my LINK I have no cash on hand, and all I do in my spare time is feverishly refresh /pol/ for any news of what's going on. At least I'm getting a good sweat while I watch the greatest story of our lifetimes unfold.

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it's especially because that pic
we know why LINK is bullish and we know why it is so painful to sell
But it must be done. After tomorrow there will be no recovery.

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I like Chainlink. It has a nice meme community and logo looks cool but lets be real. It is facing same fate as Nano. No amount of partnerships and working products can fight whales and speculation

Just go all in into LINKDOWN. If you want to screen LINKIIES and poo your pants you can always buy back when its 10 cents. But for now LINKDOWN is literally free money, you can't decline that


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we back bois

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I miss the old days when we used to be over $16.

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Even though ur both mad, fact still stands the bodies didn't hit the floor with the social distancing and mask suggestions. It don't have a high kill rate or a high hopital rate. And holy fuck more tests = more positive rate.. with no change in deaths or hospitalizations. Keep telling me I'm the child. Huwheuheueheueheueheu yes yt videos from practicing doctors.. yep can't be taken as any real evidence.

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>find out people short chainlink
>muh "keep collecting evidence marines"
>Satoshi = Sergey

peak level delusion, seek help

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>This is such a stupid fucking cult I bought because you all said June 21st was special or some shit.
No tears please, it’s a waste of good suffering

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Dude I've been sitting on my stack for 2.5 yrs and didn't even think of selling when I was down over 50% from my buy in price, can you just spell it out for me pleeease?

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Why is it reversing back down on the macro?

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> not seeing that the last circle should be a few candles on the left but the rally actually failed

I've sold. You do you

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makes sense, in fact with big news like this it should be dumping more.

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Looking for experiences on this and what to expect. Taxes up to date, in long term cap gains territory. Talking $50k scenario.

How can I prepare myself for a smooth experience? Have heard a lot of horror stories.

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you broke your promise, you said it would be Lition

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This is what a fully demoralized person sounds like
Just dribbling nonsense in a corner
What have they done to you
What have you become
Has your spite irreversibly twisted your character so much?

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Also digits confirm

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>Add sergey being a finalist in the google competition in 2006 for c++
Got some sauce on that?
I can easily see Sergey’s parents being a huge influence on his interests and his childhood development.

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crypto is cool

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Yeah, I trade crypto. How could you tell?

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