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>Why yes, I did notice total staked BNT is over 60% and I am indeed aware that this will make us rocket to the top 50 the very moment the market loses its bearish sentiment, how could you tell?

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Bancie monarchs will prevail over peasants, further solidifying the protocol as the standard.

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Sure, let's crash to 1913 dollar value. See you there anon :)
Yes, if your risk tolerance allows you to stay locked in for 6-12 months then it is free money.
If market conditions change or you get locked out of your stake though, the hold will be forever.
The protocol got overhauled into what it is today. The AMM standard.
You can still DCA in anon. This rocket is comfy and we have a spot in business class for you. It won't be with complementary caviar, but surely you don't want to wait and sit with the mouthbreathers in economy class next month?
Yeah my stake is stacking and comfy too. I could touch some of my hedges and moonshots but I'm satisfied with my current ratio of exposure so I'm just throwing it out there as an opportunity for liquid anons, before outsiders and bots see the play and snap it up.

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It's my comfiest hold. I know we've passed out this pasta before, but I can't overstate it.

#1 IL protection. Not as impactful during a bull market but larger stacks looking generate revenue from providing liquidity will obviously want IL protection when things settle down or go south for a while.
#2 Single sided staking. Wanna stay all-in on your token of choice and still provide liquidity? Bancor is your guy.
#3 Vortex. You get vBNT from staking your BNT that you can swap for different coins if you think they will outperform BNT, then swap a portion of the tokens back to vBNT to unlock your BNT stake when you want to.
#4 Massive growth in TVL, #1 pool for locked Chainlink. Marketcap hasn't gone up proportionately. Sitting around 500m while competitors with inferior tech and higher swap fees sit at 10x that.
#5 Working demo on arbitrum testnet with 50x lower gas/swap fees.
#6 EOS bridge up and running, actively building a Polkadot bridge
#7 Sweet sweet passive income with insane APY% (for now). Tons of linkwhales chilling in LPs.

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Based truth dropper.
Bancie threads are always ridiculously cosy.
Somehow we manage to dodge the stinky pajeets and the screeching newfag tourists, so it's just whales and dolphins lounging and teaching our based shrimp how to make it.
I love you guys, we're all going to fucking make it.

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TQQQ calls hedged with Tesla puts

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>Yes all my savings are in Yuan, how could you tell?

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Occupation: HODLer

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what did you say about me you little bitch

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Why yes, I do FUD my own investment.
What gave it away?

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