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You seem very heavily invested in this, you are on the trannygram for a coin you do not possess nor plan on unless you are fudding for lower entry
Meanwhile I'm top 50 and I havent been on a discord trannygram reddit signal or any of that social media garbage
Hell you can buy right now and pool in Phoenix and likely see a 2x within the next 2-3 months from a conservative APY pool, but you will not, you will continue posting fud instead of finding a project the suits your interest and investing in that
>stop liking what I don't like
Seems to wrap this up perfectly if not fudding for lower entry

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That's because Statera is a finished product
There will never be any updates to the token because they aren't needed
What the team is working on is improvements to the UI, to make using Statera more user-friendly. This is a good move imo because in its current state normies will never touch it

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This is wrong
The top 15 wallets collectively hold 29.5% of STA
And even then many of those are exchange wallets
Statera is about as decentralized as a crypto project gets

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The thing is, it just becomes so goddamn obvious when you understand how it all works. It’s phenomenal, like clockwork. We just don’t know WHEN.

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Topkek. Do the needful.

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