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It's going to be a very good year for us all ...

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>2.6 link

What is even the point? Even if link went to $10000 USD you would only have $26000 usd

That's just sad.

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Ok fine I’ll help you out a little more

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If you hold link, how could you not take 1 hour and watch this shit


This is unfucking believable. I mean Jesus Christ he's going back to the creation of the contract thousands of years ago. And disrupting it all. Who else is anywhere close to this level? Fuck boys. We literally did make it. He's going to change the world forever. It's only a matter of time.

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>be me
>sold a chunk of my stock circa $4.
>waiting for 1.5$ to buy back in once the market tanks and gets back to reality
screencap this

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Would you say the initial run-up of ETH from cents to a few dollars felt like LINK's price action to date? What was it like when it finally broke out to triple digits? Walk me through the emotions. I bet many doubters hung themselves.

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>I have industry connections
My dad works at Nintendo nigger he said they're going to be using link. No source = DR;NS

Your fud may work on new friends but you are NOT GETTING MY LINK FAGGOT HAHAHAHA
For the newfriends: most fud is either trolling or, like this jew, people trying to get you to sell off your LINK so they can snatch it up at a lower price. DO NOT LISTEN TO FUD IF YOU BOUGHT LINK YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE FUCK YOURE HOLDING

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Yeah dude my friend just texted me this article this shit this is huge.

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Jesus it's basically at ATH and I didn't even realise
Now imagine 1-2 years after the bitcoin halving this May...

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Chainlink bad! You dumb! Smart me no buy best performing asset class of 2020

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You kept a suicide stack right OP? At least 500-1000?

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There aren't seriously people that are 100% in LINK with crypto networth of 100k+ right?

Unless you are otherwise very rich, why the FUCK would you concentrate your wealth on this meme that already 10x in the past 3 years?

For gods sake please diversify a bit into btc, eth, or even some other alts. Or are you people truly that insane and don't give a fuck about your life ?

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is this your wife anon? if you're open to it i'd like to help you. youre right bout link but wrong about your approach to interacting with this woman

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>Be Laid off from 6 fig gig
>Be six figure linky
>Be making it "like next month" every month for years now

Do i have to replace my job? I want to be a neet. When the fuck do we make it marines? I have never sold a single link but goddam this is getting old.

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Be real for once in your illusionary life.

Chainlink was pushed hardcore here. WHY?

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Whoops wrong one. Here you go fren. Sorry it took so long I have many link memes.

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>Guilt-tripping Link holders into giving up their stacks or else face eternal damnation
Is this some new back-to-basics fud tactic?

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300 reporting for duty

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