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My fucking basterds what happened to ourstock? I've been so dejected over the constant dumps I haven't checked the price or come to the general in like a week.

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And just like that my losses arent nearly as terrifying

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>two brothers start competing Widget Emporiums
>Brother A sells widgets for 5 dollars
>Brother B sells widgets for 6 dollars
>Brother A immediately gets more sales
>Brother B lowers price of widgets to 4 dollars
>Brother A buys up all of Brother B's widgets at a reduced price
>Brother A increases the price of his widgets to 8 dollars
Where's the flaw?

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Bitcoin will never be below 20'356.20 EVER again no matter how hard bears are coping.

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send it

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Should I go all in

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Seriously man can we just take a minute to appreciate how throughly based cz is raping the ass of little communist twink vitalek? You love to see it.

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That's a good point. Just released tonight. If it pumps like PepeToken did then 1 bnb could turn into 25 in a few days.

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Wgmi dear faggots

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1 hr left anons.

Welcome to DefiBase $DefiB

Defibase is a token pegged to the Defi Market cap. Why? Unlike Base and other rebase tokens. This gives us a proper index of the cryptocurrency space that is actually growing in value/has value backed behind it (TVL) and not old dead chains. How? Rebase

How does Defibase rebase work?

Target Rebase Price: 17.2bill defi market cap / 100 = 0.172
Uniswap listing price : 0.2

Important links

Website : defibase.finance/#/
Ann Telegram : t.me/Defibase1
Chat Telegram : t.me/Defibase2
Dashboard (Rebase timer and more) : defibase.finance/#/dashboard
Code (Public for all to see) : defibase.finance/#/verify
Twitter : twitter.com/DefibaseDefib

Contract Address: 0x154f0dce06eb0e7ea5d6cf1bc70039ca22b5fb17

Defibase is LIVE ON UNISWAP! Liq locked already with proof
Uniswap Trade: uniswap.exchange/swap/0x154f0dCE06eb0E7Ea5D6cf1bC70039ca22B5fB17

DexTools: dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0x4d3d2bf1db8815e199aec9c10523443204770b64
[There is apparently some fud about “mint” function. All rebase tokens have this for token expansion when it rebases] Our code is public you can verify it.]

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