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not telling you. DYOR or get left in the dust

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January 16th 2021

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Thanks for the advice anon, very thorough. I am definitely planning to run a node sooner or later, but it's just that these classes have been in my way and figuring which to prioritize (LINK or BS in CS?) has given me trouble.

I never knew Sergey hated the word "investor", so thanks for pointing that out kek. So far the assumption I'm seeing from other anons is that Sergey despises being in LINK solely for the money which I understand and sympathize with.

>you should say that you are streaming for a community of potential node operators and link enthusiasts

Noted. Also thanks, being more organized like that could help me out if they decide I could fill in as a community organizer.

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You can't stop something that never started

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*Squats over*
*takes a fat shit in your thread*
*walks out*

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Last night I took a walk up to the bridge, the whole time I was fantasizing about being my character Rothdor(I spent several hours autistically min maxing his stats. I get most of my ideas from tabletop rpgs) I was mumbling to myself and acting out fight scenes with my movements. Nobody saw me (it was like 2 AM)

My bivy tent is coming in the mail soon. If my boomer parents kick me out I'll be ready. I NEVER Plan to change my behavior or get a job. Fuck working and fuck living

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One day your IQ will be high enough to understand why you need to back up your assertions with evidence

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There's no such thing as intrinsic value you Ganges swimming shit-fish.

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>be schizoid
>have no interest in sex or relationships

I pity you smooth brained neurotypicals

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collect food. water. tobacco. alcohol. canna/biz/. fuel. get a diesel generator. Some gold and a monocle. A suit and a tophat. Roam the wasteland with your 1985 C10

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>So anon, What's your greatest weakness?
>I interrupt people
>What's your greatest strength?
>How is that a streng-
>Shut up nigger

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>Out with dinner with roastie
>Tell her to get whatever she wants
>She starts talking really loudly
>I can smell her, I am now aware women have odor
>People are turning around and looking at her
>Not once has she stuck pocky in my mouth and tried to eat it
>The constant erection I've had since I was 13 is slowly deflating
>Tell her I need to go to the bathroom
>Grab some tampons from her purse and secretly sneak out
>Get a call later
>She's screaming at me
>Tell her her vagina exists in all 3 dimensions and it disgusts me and I almost vomited
>go home and edge to my waifu

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>Uh, I'm sorry but this position is leaning toward skills associated with diversity and inclusivity. Our team is very interested in community outreach and giving back. We're looking for a hard working minority for this position
>"Then you'll be looking a long time"
>BASED, welcome aboard!

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What's going to happen is satan will conjure a giant wheel with "hell" in red letters covering a tiny sliver of the board and "Million dollars" covering the rest. He'll spin the wheel like wheel of fortune and then it will spin around for a while. Eventually, the sound of the spinning will fall to a click click click that eventually lands on the hell sliver. Satan will say "Better luck next time chum!" and a portal will open that will send me to hell.

Thankfully, my best friends and my love interest will go to hell and beat the devil in a wacky adventure, freeing my soul but forcing me to learn a valuable lesson about sin.

So I refuse to take the deal. I take my love interest out to chuck e cheeses and fuck her cunny instead

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Pure 2D waifu

Shit tier

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>commie complains about lords while fantasizing about being the Commissar of land management in the new socialist america

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Pet owners are literal cucks, petcucks as I like to call them.

>wasting time
>wasting money
>wasting health
On some filthy, smelly, loud animal. Just fucking lol @ the state of petcucks. How about you get a friend/girls instead u incels.

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Labia Long; Not Fucking

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Women change once they get married. You'll notice it. He'll notice it almost within a couple weeks.

Note how marzia had everything she could want in a guy. Tall, Good-looking, rich, high status, pretty alright personality. BUT NOPE SHE ALSO NEEDS A SIGNED DOCUMENT ISSUED BY THE STATE WHICH STATES HE MUST GIVE HALF OF HIS BELONGINGS, CHILD SUPPORT AND ALIMONY.

How can you see this shit and not think she's gunning for a payout? All women are whores. Remember that. So many times in my life I've been saved by it. ALL WOMEN ARE WHORES. Repeat it to yourself and you will find strength.

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>Sixty-two percent of small-business owners say they work 50 or more hours each week. On average, small-business owners put in 52 hours each week.

The average boss is more of a worker than the average worker. Suck my giant capitalist cock you retarded monkey

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When i die I will be reunited with God. so i don't have to cope at all

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People are like 100 sats, chink scam, binance bots

I just want to grill for god's sake

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