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slow STarter, gangSTA, STARCHANGEL, we're all in this together. our collective pooling liberates all of our wageslave chains. no one is left behind.

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Pretty much this. With this sthanos development we're holding lightning in a bottle that is about to explode. get in now before the tide of normies rush in.

also, having the title of "the most decentralised defi coin" will counter the SEC fud that has recently crashed the market.

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It's coming. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air.

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The other threads are contaminated with fud and shill. Let's make this a discussion only thread.

>BTC, ETH, and LINK will rise back up
>Kyber integrates STA
>BAL joins coinbase
>DeFi pulse index uses STA
>statera pools in COMP, MAKER, LEND, and YFI on top of emerging .finance projects and stable coin yield farming projects.
>binance or kucoin list statera
>coinbase not only lists statera but uses it for their index fund
These are the immediate crypto goals after and during the dashboard release.

This thread is not for shills. I give ZERO fucks if any of you buy statera. This thread is for STAllions who already hold statera to discuss EOY price. $1.38 to $12.50 still on the menus boys.

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