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To beat the game you need to look at it from different perspective, you need to go above the board to see it for what it really is.

In this thesis, let's look at the Bitcoin chart as 2020 covid vaccine euphoria and every leveraged scam didn't happen in 2021.
FTX and Alameda didn't poison the market with their longs without ability to liquidate, all of the scams like 3AC,Celsius,Luna didn't happen essentially ruining the chart, ruining all indicators, moving averages etc.

That money didn't exist. The chart was a mirage. In 1:1 USD to balances, everything above 30K didn't happen. Data is invalid and should not be considered because this breaks the paradigm of human knowledge about the markets. It's like counting something that didn't exist, or multiply by 0. It's like modelling Bernie Madoff's ponzi scheme when we already have the knowledge that there's no returns, we just put random numbers into Excel.

From this understanding of the board, and with all the facts about those scams that we learned about in post-mortem, we can act like time stopped November of 2020 and resumed in January of 2023.

2022 was result of this mirage of "money" that entered the market, and with Binance literally cooking the volume with their wash-trading no-fee "bonus", 2022 needs to be removed from the chart aswell.

Call me market wizard. I feel like I ascended from the board.

Failure to break 30000 decisevely in near future, will lead to old ATH test at 20000.

Failure in that leads to Covid lows and most likely new low below 3000 USD (three thousand dollars), coinciding with a wide market crash in stocks AKA new black swan which US markets are primed for considering big tech is the only thing that's keeping indexes that high. 1/2

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