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>some normies make a collage of bread prices nationwide, puts it on 'mommy' faceberg groups, and that shit takes off on its own.
I already tried to get /biz/ to help me with this but to no avail, at least to my knowledge anyway. I'm gonna go back this October and record all the data, and post it here, along with the data from last October, in a digital text format.

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Hi /biz/, after many years of prices seeming to rise far faster than the CPI says, I figured we should take it upon ourselves to see just how much inflation is affecting consumer goods.

Two months ago I started recording prices at the local Wal-Mart. On January 3rd I'm gonna go back and record them again, and report back the increases in a spreadsheet. Then I'll do it again April 3rd, then on July 3rd, and then on October 3rd again. Then we'll see how much prices are really rising.

Do your part /biz/. This isn't even a hard experiment to do, just get pen and paper and browse the local grocery store.

Yes I know my handwriting sucks, its hard to write in the grocery store when you dont have a clipboard.

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I'm checking once every 3 months starting 2 months ago. got like 5 pages of groceries on my list

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