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You see when trying to predict LINK's price action you have to throw any "logic" or "rationality" out the window. You'd "think" it wouldn't go below 50k sats right? That LINK wouldn't go below $10 ever again, that the days of single digits and 30k sats are over right? Well knowing our great supreme leader Sergey nazarov, Ari Juels the anti-christ and Jason Parser the shadowforker, LINK is going to bottom out at $5 or 25k sats. Why? Because nobody would expect that. Every swinglinker would be in panic and the never sellers would just be depressed or finally buying more. So yes. The bottom will be 17k sats. LINK BOTTOM(keyword for warosu archive for the future).

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Give me something better to believe in. LINK has recovered EVERY SINGLE TIME. Anyone who has held through these dumps is fully deluded. It's like in the book Think and Grow Rich where he talks about faith mixing in with positive thoughts which gives you absolute belieth and delusion or something like that. That's me. I have tried to search for a better opportunity, but every time either the "vision" is just bs or the team itself is incompetent. Chainlink has the vision and the team and the price potential. I just can't sell it.

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Well for me I think "oh I'll sell some at ATH", but then I keep holding and it's starts dumping. Then I'm like "might as well hold until it's ATH again" and yea the cycle just keeps on going. I planned to sell some at $25 to move out since I'd have $500k at that point, but I guess god had other plans.

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20yo here with 19k LINKs. My stack was worth only about $3k in 2018 July.

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I live in a country with no niggers and overall low crime. I can memorize the 12 word seed phrase and I'm absolutely not worried about my hardware wallet getting physically stolen. All I'm worried about is that when I use Uniswap or Aave, that some hacker didn't place some malware in my PC that will steal my private keys somehow. That's my main concern which is why I'm planning on buying a Trezor. No I don't give a shit that it might cost more than a USB with your verarypt and hashcrypt and what not.

So tell me honestly now, is there some REAL security threat by using Trezor if nobody will be able to physically get access to it?

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I pronounce it like "yiffy"(niggas iffy uh), but with the first "y" being like softer like the start of "you" idk if that makes sense. Others might pronounce it like "Wifi", but I don't like that. Niggas yifi uh.

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Whatever you say Sergey. First lieutenant reporting in sir!

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Welp, guess I'm gonna start smoking until LINK is back at $4

Recommend me some good cigarettes.

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What the fuck is happening

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I'm just 19 so what the fuck do I know, but I'm first gonna make sure my wealth is well managed. If LINKs staking returns are solid and give about 8% a year then I'll probably stake my 21k link stack and try to live off the returns. I'm sure there will be a way to get a loan from a bank and have LINK as collateral or maybe put up a business that is about staking LINK and then put the business as collateral. Maybe there will be some DeFi way of getting a loan. Basically the goal would be to get a loan(low % interest ofc) for an apartment and use some of the LINK staking returns to pay off the loan. Then lease a car (max price 10% of net worth). If net worth is over €700k then I'll maybe quit uni and start learning more about politics, stocks, philosophy etc. Maybe put up some kind of organic farm if I'm really clueless. The possibilities are really endless. With €700k net worth and €56k a year return, I will be living very very well in my country. The median salary is about €15k a year kek.

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Damn if you put it that way it does sound really fucking retarded

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Not buying BTC when I first heard it, but then again I was 12yo then lmao. Then another one is not selling LINK at $4-5. I have 20k LINK. My stack briefly touched $100k. I'm 19 yo, so that money is already fucking huge for me. I'm down about $60k from ath, but then again I'm up like $35k so whatever. If you asked me 3 years ago what I will be doing 3 years from now, I sure as hell wouldn't say that I will be following some fat russian philosophers scam and spamming "sell link" in every thread while actually holding like a fucking retard.

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Guys I have to admit I'm actually a 19 yo stinky with a 20k LINK stack. I was just making this thread out of boredom and now this. Jesus fuck checked.

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>mixicles solving the public chain privacy problem
>threshold signatures helping with scalability
>staking being finalized
>panel where Sergey, not Vitalik, is the moderator
Damn, time to sell every single LINK I have.

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>I'm going to be rich

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mmm... link...

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How can I see all the request on Chainlink explorer?

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Is there a way to let's say deposit $100 worth of ETH to a contract and then withdraw the $100 worth of ETH at some later point in time? Like let's say you don't care about gainz, you just want to decentrally store money (either in $ or some other currency). I know there has to be some way with others using your ETH to speculate or something. Like if ETH goes up, then you get less ETH, but still $100 while someone else who went long, gets the remaining of your ETH. I'm kinda pic related so I can't figure this shit out.

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Welp time to start an insurance company and offer lower price insurances with smartcontracts via Chainlink, since I'm not going to be rich from LINK anytime soon.

Now eh, the first problem is knowing how to develop smartcontracts. This is going to be tough.

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Unironically how could I support this movement?

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Will do anyways... but what could make multiply my investment to buy even more LINK?

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>imagine being this retarded

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good luck

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