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I remember reading this and feeling like it was detailed enough to be real but using just enough retard lingo to get people to not notice. Thanks insider anon.

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I'm kind of starting to get it. Though I feel like this every time. So in making every backend zk compliant we are able to leverage all public/private data in order to take in enough context to make smart contracts which can execute given certain triggers. Thing is this anon >>53966157 brings up a good point. Taking his points into consideration, the Chainlink network is in fact worth the value of the contracts it is holding and this value will only be pushed into the token through natural market forces once the incentive systems are at play. Similar to how the dollar only keeps its value as a result of the US military and its petrodollar status. Anyways, given those facts this means the the TVS of Chainlink is a better measure of its value at any given time. This statement will only become more true as time goes on, and with the TVS of link being more closely tied to the value of the entire worlds contracts as a whole then doesn't this make LINK the only valid currency? Am I fucking retarded or is LINK literally going to be the globohomo currency which required some DID mark of the beast to be able to be used? Meaning you literally won't be able to live in this weird singularity we're headed towards unless you give up your entire being and its data/dna/info to be tracked/recorded at all times? Meaning Chainlink then takes enough context for an AI to figure out that its best use of this technology is to figure this out in reverse?
x = state at time T
f(x) = state at time T+1
Then repeats this indefinitely until we merge the data of every single interaction in the universe since its inception in order to reanimate every thing that has every lived and will live? The question isn't how do I profit from this, but why should I enter willingly and profit from this? Also does this mean that Chainlink is not just the global standard, but the interdimensional standard? How much does 1 billionth of the entire value of every interdimensional interaction costs?

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Give me your price predictions longer term - any LINKies in this thing? Can it compare to the fundamentals??

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I bought 7,35 LINK for 50€ yesterday and sold them for 63€ today. Thanks for the free 13€ guys. Gonna buy me some Subway with that FREE MONEY. hahaha.

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I had a buyorder on Chainlink with 2500€ for the price of 6,66€ that I put in as a joke a few weeks ago. It actually triggered now what the fuck. Eather I have made a very good or a very bad deal now.

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WWYD if LINK actually dropped all the way to $0.001

Would you buy more? Or would it get delisted?

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sieg heil nibba, where can i buy a linkpool share?

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Doing God's work lads

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People are going to start saying you should buy stuff. They're going to shill you their own investment, even if it happens to be a scamcoin. So please, before you start posting on here and attracting pajeets like flies to shit (somewhat ironically), go and DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

This info is all available on google/Youtube/wherever. At least go away and find out what crypto IS first before coming here.

Good luck anon.

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It's finally happening, Chainlink is finding more and more real world use cases. If you sell anytime in the next 5 years I'm not sure you were ever meant to make it...

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$1000 EOY

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>So does that mean it already too late to invest in some stocks? I mean I already anticipated that the economic would bounce back. Some businesses got hit harder than others. I'm still not sure if it would have been a good idea to invest in any airplane lines if I could afford it. They'd come back, but not for a little while.

do we have anything to look forward to next year? whats the lifespan of CL? will it still be used 2040 and beyond?

thanks for visiting

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pretty much this, nice post OP keep em' coming

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What does his portfolio look like?

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Hey 42, are you familiar with the work of John C. Lilly?

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>How did it save your life
hope for the future
if it isn't clear already, we can't continue with the current system we have in place
something needs to change so that people can have hope in their lives again
the last 100 years have been a disgrace and nation-states have been exposed as murderous pathological entities that hold their citizens hostage
this type of governance cannot be allowed to continue, especially given the reach and scope of modern technology

what we are seeing play out with crypto is a worldwide tax revolt

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