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Where my Fantom chads at?

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Alrighty, I'll see you then anon

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Anyone else waiting for all of these landlords to go bankrupt and buy their properties for dirt cheap?

>brb bad bitch slumlord coming through

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my primary concern is that because it's a leveraged daily tracker, it can bottom irrationally low, and that could make a 30x from bottom still below my entry. but that's also kinda silly fear mental math.

Looking at the chart, it crabbed around $7-10 for a long time before exploding. I think I will put a little bit in if it hits $25, but I personally will not go "all in" with large portion of portfolio until it is under $15.

with that said, good luck my friend.

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Is this skiz gonna dump before, during, or after the 30th. Getting my pink wojaks ready.

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Huge Library to spend most of my day in, large colonial home, and a respectable+smart waifu.

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Winning the lottery is an environmental condition that you'd think would pretty much guarantee you'd be rich forever, but 90% of poors who win it end up poor again. Same as successful olympians, footballers, basketball players etc.

Why is this? Were poors simply mean to be poor?

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