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who gives a fuck about skill? Its a nigger throwing a ball. Millions of guys spend THOUSANDS just to see niggers throw a ball. Yet. You give guys shit for paying to see cute girls do cute things?

Guys who pay to see niggers throw balls = good
Guys who pay to see girls do cute things bad = bad

i like how you project these insecurities on me because i donated to a girls patreon once. yes, i gave a $100 to a poor asian girl froma third world countrym she was trying her hardest to be a little belle delphine and didnt have much followers. Sorry i have a heart.

btw, i dont even use chaturbate or pornhub lice. I use brothels in japan. Thats what i use most.
oh, btw, i have a girlfriend too lol

you probably dont believe me, but thats because all you e thot faggots are insecure mysogynistic faggots.

you guys have no problems with basketball players making millioms a year for being born tall. But god forbid a cute girl gets payed to make fap material. Oh no!

its perfectly fine that athletic men who steal chicks from other guys make millions. but god forbid a girl makes money.

fuck you incels. youre stupid, retarded and you wont refute anything i say

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