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/biz/ is currently at peak newfag levels, literally every fucking thread is either one of three topics:
>retarded newfag questions
>Spamming some shitty keylogger
>Shilling some incredibly over-hyped shittoken, which is one week old, and has a market cap of 700M.

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What are the next tesla like trends?

VR gaming? Vegan shit?

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You all have to admit that this thot created a new style of 'art' (or whatever you want to call it). Give her some credit. Thousands of neets can't be wrong. Not that I think she's worth a penny, but anyway you have to give her credit for discovering an unexplored market niche.

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I have hobby
I thought money fixed stuff...

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skipped class today

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>there are people in this thread who do something else than masturbate, trade shitcoins and eat tendies all day
Disgusting normalfags

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>750 Gb (93 GB for brainlets) standard RAM
Yeah Im thinking that timeline is bit far off reality

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Don't listen to this retard. I messaged him last time, sent him about 5 pics and he's a broke min wager and just wasted my time. FUCK you.

t. the loaded valedictorian guy

kill yourself

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>he thinks this fud can move the price

Imagine selling too soon and being this desperate to get the price back down.

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How fucking dumb do you have to be to not take profits on these market wide pumps? When everything pumps, it's got nothing to do with the fundamentals of your shitcoin, it's just a mass of people "buying the dip" on assorted shitcoins. There's no long term upward trend starting right now, interest in crypto is still going down and the only way to pump your alts back to their ATHs is to get the normans back in to the market. That's obviously not happening right now.

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I really wanna fuckin get a dropshipping business going. I think i've read pretty much all there is to read. i can get help from a friend who has just got her masters in digital marketing. I've got a niche in mind that can draw a crowd with good targeting. i can handle the creative easily.. just waiting for a lil bit of startup capital (no/minimal savings) and currently neet.

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You guys are retarded, and you're missing the entire point of blockchains and decentralized systems. Hint:

They're supposed to be trustless.

In the example provided in the OP pic, the data that is fed into the smart contract can easily be tampered with. That is not trustless, that removes the whole point of the blockchain. What makes a blockchain more useful than any other mechanism at that point, if the trustlessness of the whole procedure is removed?

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We're back to these threads again.

>post date and/or time
>watch everyone speculate
>enjoy each dopamine drip

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Raj, please

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Wikileaks got cucked by centralized Coinbase, and Wikileaks now needs a way to raise crypto. Request is the obvious solution, but the Reddit cucks don't want to inform Wikileaks because "Wikileaks is propaganda for DRUMPF AND THE RUSSIANS LNAO"

As a REQ holder this pisses me the fuck off, this would bring so much attention to platform. I hope all those reddit cuckolds suffer so fucking bad, someone with a reddit account tell them to sell their REQ and end their lives. These guys are such fucking retards it infuriates me to no end.


"Wikileaks is propaganda"
t. Faggot that uses reddit

Unfuckingreal, I hate redditors so fucking much. Imagine if Wikileaks used REQ's crowdfunding dApp. Nah, don't want that, Wikileaks didn't leak info about GLAMPF

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Right now we've got:


And not one motherfucking useful app has ever come out of any of these pieces of shit! You realize only one is going to survive, right? And it's also possible that none survive, right? These shitcoin dApp building platforms are fucking useless to any real world applications because the blockchain is inferior to centralized solutions!

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>Business & Finance
>90% of threads are about crypto

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>80 dollar cologne

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Fuck that faggot is so insufferable. At least I know we're not early adopters anymore lmao.

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This shitcoin is dead after the revelation that one fucking guy dumping thousands of bitcoin at a time is now controlling the entire global market. Fuck this bullshit, time to untether the alts from this piece of shit if it's that heavily centralized.

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>this thread again

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Are there any fucking legitimate tokens in this entire industry? What the fuck is going on here, why can't anyone behave professionally?

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