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>link is a cult

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Open questions to all anons itt for free riffing, answer all or any that interest you. Asking out of genuine curiosity

When do you think we see ATH again if ever?
How does this coalesce with the broader market?
Do you have any high conviction market calls?
Do you consider alternative opportunities over different timeframes?
Fav foods and cuisine?

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I read this thread before I listened to the interview and just knew every take itt would be wildly exaggerated in both directions and I was right.

Friedly interview. Covered good ground without battering the man with the bored nonsense of the neets here who stew over them day in and day out. Good job all around. Would've liked it to look even more under the hood but this is absolutely a step in the right direction to humanise the team and bring a reinvigorated vision out of the shadows.

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blessed thread

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Old link memes were so fucking comfy. Nowadays it's just boring shitty spam from retards.

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When will retards like you drop this dumb fucking take? Do you think you sound smart? "Oh how COINCIDENTAL indeed!!!" Shut the fuck up. The fud is from brutalised holders who have soured on LINK and are venting or larping or coping. It's plain as day and has only intensified since the horrendous price action set in. If the tide ever does change back in LINK's favour it'll almost entirely melt away. This point is so beyond retarded.

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Honest question: What is the point of this anymore? People who wanted to stake did, people who wanted to sell sold. Who or what are you people? I'm always struck by the level of hate in these link fud threads like it's not funny you're clearly not having fun and you HATE Chainlink, a decent little web3 project just trucking along amidst larger market drama and some people invested in. Why does this illicit so much genuinely unhinged seething? The only thing comparable is the way communists carry themselves online where they're completely obsessed with attacking and tearing down their perceived enemies in coordinated ops. Why am I your enemy guise all I did was buy an obscure middleware token in late 2018 why does this even matter to you at all? The Bulgarian hired fud conspiracy would make sense but I'm starting to think you are all part of some kind of trans-adjacent discord group who hate link because you think "Chuds" hold it. Are your motivations really that sad and pathetic? Or perhaps there really is a conspiracy.
Either way I'm not a fan of the overall market price action and general Jewery but I'm certainly not considering selling my stack anytime soon because I literally can't sell it, it's staked for a minimum of 12 months

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Ok guys, I'm so fucking tired and I'll kms soon so I'm coming clean. I have been fudding Link non-stop everyday. My life revolves around me sitting at the computer all day and post in every link thread, creating as many linknlfud threads as possible.

I was actually an early investor in Link, I bought low and kept buying and had a mid 5 digit stack. Then I discovered leverage trading and got greedy, I kept chasing my losses and my stack dwindled. I then sent a portion of them into staking platforms like bancor and celsius to try to grow back my stack. And then you all know the rest.

I have since lost everything and my life became empty. Imagine you had it all and then lost everything. Every fucking day has been the same. I'm so tired now, farewell anons.

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Yep I'm thinking we're back marines

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LINK hitting ath happens so often that its not even surprising to anyone anymore

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I know you going to call me fud and I had 3 years and all this bullshit. Buying chainlink is sponsoring the wef and working with the great reset satanic agenda , I don't care if it go another 1000x I won't buy it andwil never put one cent in it. It's the golden cage where they lure you to make them rich while you end up with useless shit.
Ari Jules the real chainlink Dev is a Jew masonic and Sergey is just a front face with his philosophy degree
Fuck Sergey
Fuck shwaub
Fuck wef
Fuck great reset
And fuck stinkers and there masonic cult

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we're going straight to $24 before a retrace
I don't really eat fast food but I'll stop in for a Big Mac from OP after his
rough digits btw OP, hope you can flip a good burger

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I have 4800 of these tokens. what in all likelyhood will they be worth eoy 2021? PLEASE, realistic price projections ONLY

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weak fud $1kEOY

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Good evening gentlemen I am in assistance and require the vocaroo of Jordan Paterson not fucking selling linkies

Can one of you fags assist

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welcome to the makeit cafe, what can I get ya?

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welcome to the make it cafe, what can I get ya?

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wouldnt this be any easy usecase just like price feeds?

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Abso fuckin lutely, man. That's not even listing the bajillion other people they've got listed as speakers. Honestly, I'm most excited for John Wolpert and Aaron Wright to speak, they're some real big boys up there.


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Welcome back fren. Glad to see you again. I'm no longer worried about price movements, especially in the short term. Besides, even as we speak, Link is posting above 17 once again.

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Literally do not worry. Like I said we have to go through a full market cycle (bull to bear) and we will laugh our asses off to the bank. Remember- just make sure you have enough AMPL to capitalize on this opportunity.

I'm with you bro and you are correct it's 47% correlated to XLM last I checked. However you might be ignoring EVERY OTHER ASSET in the top 100 that it's +50% uncorrelated to. Why would any whale shift funds to XLM in a bear market? There's no incentive. Like a REAL investor on wallstreet you unironically want to diverse your holdings. AMPL pairs perfectly with DeFi assets. The bleed might seem brutal right now but as long as you offset with Defi coins you make money on the pump AND the dump. Not a discord faggot in some shill operation (TEND, WAIFU, XAMP) just an oldfag that can see the obvious

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Based. You will not regret this decision.

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What the fuck. Checked.

I swear to god, this shit is gonna make me insane. I feel like LINK posts are the only ones that get real digits.

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