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should've listened to me when i told your asses that you should have a more diverse porfolio
you could've invested on vinu back in the day BUT YOU DIDN'T, it's still goin, but you already missed a lot. You can join now, but remember to listen to me next time i give you some advice instead of calling me a tard

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jewiggers really think too high of themselves huh?
it's so weird, they want you to not get into their coins, then they want you to, later they tell your vinu is shit, then they want to get into it, then they tell you WHAT you SHOULD invest and now they want to control our coins, my my

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Excellent now i can get more slaves to work for me while my paypaw acc numbers reaches the skies
NOBODY will stop me, not even the law or the fucking IRS will have jurisdiction over me

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if you do the math, 400 per night, 30 nights = $12K, 12K per month = $144K a year

at this moment in wouldn't recommend to invest into real estate (according to truflation), also you're getting rich experience, food, floor maid, pools and more, so yeah i think is a good idea op

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>You suck

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Remember anons:
in these elections ALL coins related to politicians and candidates, even memecoins like bigmike are raising, and the whole premise of this fuckers is how michelle obama is a tranny

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Thank you. My wallet is 0x07d0da541f801ce8b03a3630f1997c2a2c58cf2f

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I thank to god I don't live in Cuckrope, CHADtam is literally the best place to be a cryptotard, I just have to spend my money in raffles on eesee, cocaine and alcohol, cheap food and that's it

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90 days more pleb brah

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pepe on sol and pepe on icp are massive bottom signals
the niggers haven't been purged yet wait until the time is right

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6 actually

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Reminder that FNMA is DWAC for classy gentlemen.

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that's the plan it is programed

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Dexscreener is your best option but any good dex will do
You're not gonna make it

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The best financial advice I ever received was to take full advantage of the information and tools you can get from a good CEX. I learned that from a guy working on data analysis who personally taught me how to use dexscreener to its full potential. Now even when the market dumps I make profits. I pass this knowledge to you, anons, learn to properly make use of your alpha

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>I hold crypto and gold

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You know what they say, the older the fruit, the sweeter the grape

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I just made my first 2k trading XOR, i feel like the next wolf of wall street

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I did something like that with a few... It seems I am gonna make it with QANX

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Totally. There is no better joy than putting everything i have into something, the thrill and anxiety it generates in my body, the feeling that i could lose everything i have. The joy and adrenaline of making even more money with my gamble.
I do it constantly, i play with my luck. It's fun, you should try it

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That's good, it is supposed to make me money, nothing else.

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Not everybody is built for it. Everybody dreams of an office and college degree or whatever the fuck, there's a clear pipeline through middle class school systems. Not enough to go around so they cut out white men. Lot's of people can't handle rejection, grinding at all hours on proposals, difficult clients. They want in and out, 9-5, they want comfort. Not you and me though... cheers!

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The pioneers take the arrows.
The settlers take the land.

We are the settlers.

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