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It is Chainlink 24/7 info. It never dies

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"An abstract way of using ZKPs with Chainlink is that a requester can verify that the Chainlink node performed some computation requested of them without the need for the node operator to reveal details of how they performed it by simply responding with a proof. This allows the proof (which is sent back on-chain by the Chainlink nodes) to be kept a manageable size, regardless of the computation performed.

Going further and introducing ZKPs + TEEs in the same request, you could have the Chainlink node perform the computation itself within the TEE, and provide the ZKP itself as a response back on-chain. The benefit here is that instead of a plaintext answer being returned to the smart contract from the enclave, a proof is returned instead, and the node operator (or someone watching nodes' responses) has no information that would reveal the original query."


The intelligent edge is the continually expanding set of connected systems and devices that gather and analyze information close to the physical world where data resides, to deliver real-time insights and immersive experiences that are highly responsive and contextually aware. These connected systems and devices will help government agencies across a huge array of mission goals, such as tracking water quality, improving emergency management, speeding maintenance of vital equipment, and bringing insight into complex real-world logistics problems.

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