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its gonna be good amigo

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I'm counting on it.

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If poos attack the jews, they both lose
We win though

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we all have to start somewhere, fren

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Good morning, my fellow schizos.

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>tfw software dev at small shop in NJ
>tfw remote since March. No big brother tracking/logging on computer
>tfw work 4 hours at most per week. Rest of time shitposting and vidya
>tfw paid $55k and still live home; save and invest 90% salary
>tfw made +$130k since Covid started on crypto
Moments like these I’m glad I don’t have a (((better))) job

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>he doesnt know

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You do own at least have a suicide PNK stack, right anon?

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my parents are spending all their money on cruises. at the moment they spend an average of 24000€ per year on cruises (everytime they go on a cruise, they tell the neighbours how much the cruise costs, because boomers cant stop bragging, thats why i know how much they spend each year)
i am pretty sure that they will leave absolutely nothing for me and my sister.
they dont give a fuck about our generation anyways. my mother even works for charitable purposes at a refugee camp, she cares more about somali muslims than about her children. and my boomer dad got a well paying job after being in school for just 8 years, while i struggle after going to school and higher education for 17 years. and the worst part is that these boomers cant stop giving shitty advice and behaving like they are investing geniuses when all they ever earned was because of the times they lived in. my father didnt even read a single book in his life and he swallows everything MSM tells him hook, line and sinker. and he doesnt speak a second language. in todays world these people would all be on welfare, because they are utterly retarded. the boomer generation is the dunning kruger effect in full display. thanks for reading my blogpost.

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yeah, that was me.

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>Wow~ monster eats the image

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>Wow~ monster eats the image

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