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I'm getting some serious positive energy from these threads tonight. It's not the normal comfy, there's this vibe of victory. The type of energy only those who've already won can have. If I could astral project you all I bet you spirit would look like that smiling gigachad. Overwhelming confidence and certainty. To put it brief, you all have big dick energy right now.

It's over. We have won.

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I am calm.

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Why is /biz/ so wholesome tonight?
Friday night booze?

Love you, absolutely degenerate fags

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No worries anon, glad you found it helpful. I'm also glad you're going to research properly before putting in money, always a good shout. Just another thing I forgot to add; in my own experience, 90% of disputes from the arbitrator's perspective are pretty much common sense - the problem is the parties have become so emotional that they can't see the wood for the trees, all they need is a detached third party to tell them what's what. I think a lot of people are overestimating what will be asked of the vast majority of jurors once the system is fully mature. Good luck with your reading!

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Shill me only the most absolutely rancid shitcoins, /biz/. Pic unrelated.

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Unironically soup, anon. Get some carrots, some lentils, some onions, some stock and slow cook it for hours. It'll keep a few days, it's cheap, and it's healthy as fuck. Look after your little kitty anon, she deserves the best.

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>30 yo boomer

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I don't even know how to cash out lol. I guess I'm literally never selling.

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But how does the blockchins know when I have indeed wiped my ass? That would still require manual input on behalf of the user, correct?

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T-thanks bros...

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When's the OPEC meeting out of interest?

2lewd4me, also they wouldn't stay white for long anon, sorry

Alright tankerchads, I have some bullish links for you:

https://twitter.com/GregVous/status/1267494317201010695 - still >60k rates, fucking hell lmao

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*Irn Bru my dude - buckfast is prime 'wreck the hoose juice' but is largely for junkies/undesirables/teens. Ever tried either?

We're not doing too bad, main epicentres are central belt so everyone's getting told not to fuck off to the highlands for hiking/camping as we're all going a bit stir crazy. Naturally i've bought a lovely tent/comping gear as directed by /out/, will be heading up to Glencoe in a week or so.

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It's not for the faint of heart anon, i'm glad you're still with us. Onward and upward!

Each day another tanker company posted record earnings, stock tanked 5-10% for no explicable reason, pulled other tankers down with them - was crazy.


Your loss, we're a nice bunch.

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Good job OP - i'm yet to fully warm to the idea of a shared general but you've clearly put some effort into it. I'll see if I can dig out some links for tomorrow. Here's hoping for another comfy day riding the waves to our good fortune!

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There are people lurking on this board who fell for the LINK FUD

sell your scam
buy bitcoin
last chance, you've got about two weeks.

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you think sergey would dump triple 700ks at once just to spite us? how much can he endure? i don’t want to hurt him

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Thoughts on LINK?

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>What is my course of action?
having racist thoughts toward all minorities for the rest of your life.

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What's /biz/'s current take on Electroneum?

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