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-23k, bought around 35k near the top

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thinking of putting my AMC money in once i sell, since dogecoin is a much more reputable and stable thing to invest in. is this wise?

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good marketing but I don't see them mentioning how they do non-custodial BTC trade with ERC-20
I see the Bitcointalk forum post but that's from 2013

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What jobs are you applying to? Just take classes at a community college in that field and put down on your resume you're working towards an associate's.

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>people are literally buying a bull trap

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>GRT in mid-december
>people telling me to buy because it's going to 100
>prq like a week ago
>people telling me to buy because it's going to 100

I told you guys dozens of times it had already done a 120x, why do people not realize how massively it increased from bottom to top?

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A year ago I remember being on /biz/ talking about relative rents by city. Now /biz/ is talking about some slut fucking people to get closer to God. I wasted a year and /biz/ still sucks.

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There are periodic points of volatility like september but the nature of the current market is that people will throw money at it anyway.

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Why would a small child know about rubbinghandsjew meme? Or did some cocksucker draw this for their kid/little brother?

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Demographics, anon, demographics.

Conservatives are the ones who always talk about muh cops and muh laws. Now they're saying the system is broken and doesn't work. Liberals never supported the system and always shat things up. What happens when the system's defenders turn against it? Do you think such a system can sustain itself? Up until now men with guns have quietly gone along with things thinking they would vote harder and get their guys in office. Now the men with guns, almost all of them, see this isn't gonna work. They've stopped supporting the system and think it needs a massive overhaul. The elites bit the hand that feeds them.

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Yes retard and I said it'll keep going up to the end of the year, implying there are people who will buy at the 10 dollar ATH. If the coin then hits a wall and dumps back to 5 dollars there will still be bagholders at that point.

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The only way to make money is 'smart' gambling. Instead of games of chance, you rely on corporations being memehypeprofitable enough to double, triple, quadruple your money. Then you do it again. Jobs don't pay enough and jobs that do are unreasonably retarded.

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can you explain your pic to me please I'm a retard
it sounds very good I think

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Is this a scam?


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i bought them for like $40 a pop on wednesday and the worst part was if i had sold all the puts 10 minutes into open on friday i would have 4x'd my money. i only sold like 3 for $180 a piece because i thought it might keep dumping and yeah i got greedy then all of a sudden 25 mins after market open AAPL started going up then the crabbing happened all day and the puts just went to shit like $5 a piece then RH decides to sell them for me, and sure enough an hour after RH sells them by force, they go back to being worth $30ish and the market closed and AAPL continued to dump to the $117s if i had kept my puts i literally could have bought the AAPL shares after market, then sold them and made like $200. so instead of 4x my money or even getting a mild profit through buying and selling the shares themselves i end up with a $600 net loss. i just keep feeling cheated somehow

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Why can't all countries become one and we become all frens?

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>Have any of you used nootropics?

Noopept (нooпeпт)
Felt not much, just got angry one time at a dumbass

It didn't help me buy bitcoin in 2011, let's put it that way..

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>download truecrypt
>create a double password encrypted partition
>add porn to one of the password sides (burner)
>open the other
>generate wallet through open source program of choice for your chain
>save private key to that password partition
>upload encrypted file everywhere
you faggots have always called me retarded and poorfag for doing this but look who's laughing now

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Why are bears so stupid as to short Chainlink? I keep my stack in perpetual contract format and these faggots are paying me ~$1 an hour just to hold. Is this what steaking feels like?

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Thanks fren. I needed that virtual hug.
Well I'd say it can always be worse. I could've been born a sex slave or without any arms or legs or severely ugly and also retarded. As far as the crypto gains go I was just in the right time and place. Was ordering lsd back when I was a freshman in highscjool with my friend and learned about eth on biz in like 2015 but didn't buy in til Jan 2017 when I heard the EEA news. I remember the feeling I had that day very well. It shook me to my bones and I knew I had to act then and there. Talked to my friends about it and they didn't see the news as that big which made me know I had to get in. Took my little $500 and bought eth at 7. When it hit 50 I remember being drunk at a party and telling everyone there they had to put all their money in cause it was going to 1000 and can help put in a trustless direct democracy and shit. Literally laughed in my face. That is something I will never forget.

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how do i short pussy? There's no way all these girls selling their nudes are making money. Soon they will capitulate and panic sell their pussies and we will get widespread prostitution. How do I profit from this

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anyone here a NEET who filed for unemployment using their uber or food delivery service "job" to get those sweet $600 weekly Federal coronabux?

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hey kid, you already have a chip in your body, why not put one in your brain?
You'll think 1000x faster goy! I promise I won't hear a thing, hehe

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Sorry fren. I've seen your posts, livestream your experience pls, it'll help you and everyone understand the severity.

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