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How do i spot getting scammed by pajeet threads on /biz/, what's their trademark?

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>22 years old
>already balding

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I just used my tax return to pay off my credit cards. Now I have no money again.

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>back to woodshop in 14 hours

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Weve been there this whole time anon.

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Like 25% of my paycheck every month? What are the odds he accepts? Im tired of only having had entry level jobs at 30 years old

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>maybe its just the shakeout before the pump
Man i hope so. I just wish this drop would happen a few days sooner. Now im basically STARTING with -20%. FML

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fucking hell lads...fuck it I'm in. Please don't be pajeet scammers bros I can't take anymore rugpulls after lition and GME please bros don't scam me again please

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CCIV whyyyyy

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I don’t weigh a lot but I smoked for several years and I drink boomer monsters with caffeine pills everyday. My joints hurt all the time and I’m only 25.

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God fucking damn it

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i thought rubic was the new link, im down like 30%

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Pretty sure I’m losing my hair... how much is hair transplant? I could sell some stocks

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I just wanted to be able to quit my job and get hair transplant surgery and now I’m gonna lose all my money

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Why does my shit feel sharp and everytime I wipe my ass there’s a bright red blood spot on the TP... been happening for a week now

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I want this but at the same time I know that having premarital sex will be something terrible that I can never take back. I really want to do this but I know I never will, even if I die a virgin. I hope God forgives me for my desires.

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SO trading212 shat on me yesterday, couldnt buy GME all day, what is a good alternative for an europoor?

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No fren, they have even infiltrated our jannies. I give it like 30 minutes before you are banned for trolling outside of /b/.
It's over.

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Didn’t buy GME months ago when you guys were meming the coomcat

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I wiped my ass this morning snd had a blood spot about the size of a quarter on the tp... the poo felt hard and jagged coming out. Is it ogre for me?

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Well i thought my GF was different, but now she wants me to sell my crypto so her sister can put a downpayment on a new house. I have 20% in BTC and 80% in SNC waiting to moon, how do i explain that this is the worst possible idea? If i leave it in crypto it will go 2x and more within the year, but she wants to sell now cuz "bitcoin is high". She doesnt believe it will go to 100k and more later on. Why are women like that?

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