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>weed is a waste of money
>weed makes you unmotivated
>weed makes you lazy
>weed ruins your short term memory
>weed ruins memory in general if you smoke long enough
>weed will shape your brain abnormally when smoking heavily in your 20's and earlier

I freely acknowledge these, but I'm having the hardest time ever stopping smoking.

My roommate has weed whenever I don't, so even when I stopped buying I still felt and followed through on the compulsion to smoke with him.

It sounds retarded as fuck, but I have a real problem with weed and can't stop myself... Been about a year since I started smoking regularly, terrified it will harm me mentally as I'm in my early 20's...

Sorry for the blog post, desperate for advice from people who might've been in similar holes. Specifically asking /biz/ because I've seen many (seemingly and rarely) motivated and helpful posters here who have helped with more serious drug problems, so mine must be a breeze.


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Redpill me on this company/similar penny stocks

Never once have I risked any money on penny stocks (my portfolio holds plenty of other investments) so I'm curious how y'all do it

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You madman

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Tbh a nocoiner but have honestly considered setting aside $100 a month to buy in btc just in case.

It's honestly getting so many big name investsments lately that it would be dumb to assume it won't inflate (in the good way) atleast a little bit more, my guess is $2k then crash.

Even then that would be doubling my investment if I bought now. Maybe increase the amount per month if it keeps going.

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>no degree or trade school yet

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bitcoin will become the foundation of a new internet based financial system.

$1,000 is nothing, this is the good old days. 99.99% of normies around the world don't even know what bitcoin is yet.

If bitcoin takes the value of 10% of the worlds cash / savings the price will be over $1 million. If it takes a slice of the bond market, the stock market, various funds, the price will be many orders of magnitude over $1 mil. A number so large it's hard to estimate.

3/4 of the bitcoin that will ever exist, already exists, so there is very limited supply going forward. There will be huge demand, as banks fail (watch Italy), govt debt is rejected (watch the rising interest rates right now, China selling US bonds), stocks fail (P/E ratios are now nosebleed territory), and money printing goes into hyperdrive.

Very limited supply, vast demand; it's going to be like running Niagara falls through a garden hose.

Buy some bitcoin, and hold on muthafuckers, it's going to be wild.

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Annnnnnd drops $30 in 12 hours. Rip hype train.

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