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That was it. That was the move. Enjoy another year of crabbing.

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>$7.39 avg price on LINK sell

lolwut. How are you profitable with such shit execution?

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Shalom : )

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I see you just withdrew 400k Link from binance and directly deposited it into your iser withdrawal wallet.

Cant keep up with the 100k LINK/day withdrawals?
Did you just desperately start deleveraging on LINK? Or were you forced to withdraw your dump ammo for later?

NEXO is insolvent.

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You two know an awful lot about linkpool to be posting in the London AM timezone...

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Is Nicoposter died?

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> Crashing BTC doesn't work anymore?
> Let's create a meme stock frenzy to divert everyone's attention!

How far are they willing to go to crash LINK?

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Well basically they bought Town Crier which means they have a proprietary TEE solution and they bought DECO which means they have the only TLS access mechanism in all of crypto which means they are the only ones with the tech to communicate with TLS secured bank accounts and they brought on Ari Juels who coined the term proof of work and now they have Chainlink Labs which is a research company dedicated entirely to solutions that make Chainlink more powerful including solving front running through oracles and random number generation through oracles and they have a partnership with Ed Felten of Stanford the former CTO of the White House who has effectively solved Ethereum scaling and ended the L1 race by putting all the computation through permissioned validators aka Chainlink nodes and in other words CHAINLINK HAVE BASICALLY DONE A HOSTILE TAKEOVER OF EVERY MONETISABLE CHOKEPOINT IN ALL OF CRYPTO AND LITERALLY EVERYONE THAT HOLDS ANY CHAINLINK AT ALL WILL GET FUCKING RICH AND I LOVE YOU ALL BROS WE'VE NEVER STOPPED MAKING IT

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A lot of anons here were able to accumulate Link when it was < $1.00. A suicide stack was then < $1k. Now it costs almost $12k. How is this fair? This board has created a new generation of elite which level of wealth will be unattainable for the rest of the population. I think we should put in place some kind of redistribution of linkies since it's not fair that anons were able to accumulate when link looked like a scam and was fudded left and right on social media. For instance, imagine you were a woman, you know women do not browse this board due to its inherent misogyny and toxicity? What kind of gate keeping is this?

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I closed my longs, I put everything I had into keeping them open but I’m not going red to do it. Even dumped my UNI into it at $7.5.

You fucks wore me down. Tried to re-enter since $13 or so.

You can let it run now I paid the price for my fellow marines.

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What's Sergey's height???

Dont fuck with me bros I need to know I have a lot of money invested in this guy I need to know if he's a manlet

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You hold for the next three years motherfucker. OG stinkers have been holding through the past three years. We held through a 90% dip on the entire crypto market. We held through coordinated fud created by some of the most trickster god oriented individuals on the planet. We held through the entire bear market. We have held through dumps like after Google when we went from ATH to $2.50.

And we're up 5000%.

If you can't handle this then you don't deserve your inevitable future fortunes from holding. Let us show you the way, ye of little faith, for the light of Sergey Nazarov is bright, fearless, and unabated by the dark forces of this world. Stay with us and you will come to live in a world of infinite possibilities, self sovereignty, and share a piece in at the base layer of the 4th industrial revolution.

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The Definitive Truth

>Y-yes sir Sergey
>Moons to 100$

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Felt like I had the biggest dick in the world for a couple days there. It's the worst feeling being right on the edge like this. I want it back, why Sergay betray?

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Get comfy and profit from linkies tears

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Single Digits tomorrow.

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You sound like a little bitch. Post sell order to prove that your not one.

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After reading up on it, it is evident that slink provides no benefit to anybody but the creators who are using it as a way to create their own link tokens and try to sell them on to gullible fools for the same price as the actual token.
It is an absolute scam. Hopefully you are at least smart enough to be one of the architects of said scam, but I get the feeling your just some pleb who fell for an obvious scam and is now stuck holding the bags.

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