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I will never rent a woman, I buy to own. And no that is not a euphemism for marriage, I will purchase women as property.

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it is last was at kohl's
thanks fren I don't rock flannel too well cause I always look homeless. You got any pics?
Isn't that one of the staples of a Hawaiian shirt? I tried to get a few solid designes
My last shopping spree was at kohl's and they have good brands at zumiez too but they are expensive af
I don't understand do you hate the repetitive patterns as well? Bruh not even the flamingo shirt?
I'm a bit overweight atm but I have very broad shoulders don't worry I've pulled it off before that's why I bought all hawaiin lmao
BROOO NICE i'm gonna take a pic with everything once they get delivered I don't think I have any of those!
Thats sick where can you buy it?

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>but he HAS to
And he has NOT to if he wants to do business with me.

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call your jannies, they have no power here.

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Fuck you nigger.

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It will be slightly higher than ATL and it will be when the ECB raises rates next meeting.

Make sure to buy then

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I'm buying more.

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Are you fucking retarded?
There is no detection becuase you are just putting the good straight from the counter into your trolley. There is no weighing done, there is no barcode matching
You are simply building a relationship with the wagie so they don't notice you blatantly stealing the old fashioned way.
I just move it quickly past the scanner without triggering it just in case some fag is watching the camera (pro-tip: they aren't)

I don't need to prove anything anyway I don't even need to do this shit now. But back when I was a poorfag I creamed thousands of dollars worth of shit over the years

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I lost my coins

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5 days if you’re in OIL.

stupid NIGGER

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Congrats fucker, lets get to 8 figs.

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>just bought 300 shares of SOXL
im gonna be fucking rich selling covered calls

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>People are still in meme tech stocks


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>dead and zero use coins

>fake partnerships
wrong too

Maybe do some research before fudding

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Precisely one year from now, I will post a a thread asking if "anyone has seen St. Long Dick" (your ID). Reply with "He was driving in his v5" (my ID) and I'll know its you.
Then, post your ERC20 address, and I'll gladly send you $1000 worth of whatever shitcoin you want. I will have made it by then.
Set a reminder on your phone, I already did

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Heheh. I like the young panman crystal cave minecraft mod vid.
Based from a young age.

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Gentlemen , after cleaning my cats litter box I can still smell the piss 15 minutes later in my nose.
How are you doing?

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Pic is my slack avatar at work

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We hit $72 EOM

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