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See I’ve already had two LTR that were both at least 1-4 years each and got rekt by both of the girls. I’ll take full responsibility for being immature and insecure in my younger days which may have made those relationships crumble but both women had issues as well and I learned a lot from it. I really don’t want to become bitter but these anons >>14905736
Also have a valid argument that women can severely hold you back. Ideally we should balance each other out but there’s a campaign against masculinity and men are hardly men anymore where women are also severely misled these days and are showing no signs of a reversal.
See that’s the thing is I do try to have fun, say silly stuff and do my
Own thing and have fun. I think you’re right in that subconsciously I judge them for being a turbo normie and I don’t even notice how it effects certain things I may say which can put girls off. I’m not really worried about random hookups anymore I’ve been with enough women I don’t care about pump and dumps anymore since they feel empty and I want to live a more virtuous life these days. As far as insecure goes I suppose I’m insecure that I’m still single and have messed around with 7-8+ women over the past year or two and nothing has came of it but man I’ve done a whole lot of self improvement and changing of my mental states to a point I have gained a lot of self love and acceptance of even the qualities I’ve deemed “bad” and have been able to spot them before they get out of hand and balance them so I think insecure isn’t the issue. Though if two people point it out it’s something I’m willing to look at, what do you see as insecure from my writing fren?

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Serious question why were there even women at this event? Women are a giant sell signal in crypto.

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Ideally a man and woman will balance each other out. Unfortunately most women today are insane thanks to feminism and the internet and most men are pudgy onions boys. A relationship can be a beautiful thing but from my experience women are always looking for ways to hurt you and push your buttons/ belittle you to find a chink in your armor and make themselves feel better in the process. Modern women really don’t seem worth it and I’ve slept with 14+ girls and had 2-3 LTR. Of course I could be projecting and women will all harp “well obviously something is wrong with you and you just don’t know any good women” which I suppose could be true but man I’ve done a lot of soul searching and mindfulness of my morals and wealth and can confirm confidently I’m in the top 5-10% of men and still I find nothing but women trying to manipulate or use me either for status or money. I’ve accepted if I am to be alone so be it my energy can be put towards the greater good for humanity instead of sitting on the couch cuddling/watching Netflix on the good days and trying to figure out a way to calm down an emotional mental child on the bad days.

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This anon knows, having to play their court jester is not even worth it anymore. I just installed tinder last night and tho I got a whole bunch of matches feel disgusted with the whole thing. I like to think that maybe by not swiping on thots by some miracle a nice qt will fall in my lap. I just have to much pride and no my worth to ever want to have to be one of these girls court jesters, this has resulted in terrible text game. I figure if the girly is really into you it hardly matters what you say to her right?

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its ok but you should adjust the head.
show us more memes

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How is there anyone on this board who isn't all-in on LINK?

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How is the tinder game these days Fren? I had decent success with it when I was 25-27 but now as a 28 yo boomer I feel like a dork on it and don’t want any of my coworkers to see me on there. Debating making one this weekend but I also remember how much of a waste of time it was.

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>paying money to make an app
>Not going all-in on LINK

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Here, this one? I though everyone had it.

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>do you like beer ?
who doesn't

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Seriously guys did we go too far? I don't understand it I love Sergey!

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we are going down

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>my face these last couple of weeks

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>still can't break $2
Kind reminder that link above $1 defeats the purpose of the coin.

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nulinkers fuck off
if you've not been in since at least sibos you don't deserve to eat the dirt under sergeys toenails
i fud till it's $25 a pop and getting a decent stack impossible for boomers

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Can someone PLEASE explain to me what the F*#! is going on with this coin??! How come it's not back at its actual value ie around $0.60c?? How much longer do I have to wait wtf?!! I absolutely refuse to buy in at these simply ridiculous levels it's a complete rip off!!!

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Sergey is going to lumber his 300 lb ass up the steps, walk on stage and release a massive fart. His shirt stained with big mac sauce, the audience notices a few french fries sticking out of his breast pocket. The talk will begin with the merits on distributed networks to acquire fast food calories from establishments across the world. Sergey will unveil the LINK platform: a mesh of oracles designed to find the most efficient way to price and purchase super sized meals. His bodily mass will continue to grow, pound by pound, minute by minute as he continues discussing. By the end of his presentation he has engulfed the entire room with his gargantuan frame. Coindesk and Block reporters will be scrambling to escape from the putrid folds of fat to no avail. Consensus closes early this year.

Screencap this.

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>10 years, the situation in all likelihood is going to be that origin providers , right origin level providers. so data providers themselves, payments providers themselves, have their own oracle interface. right?

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